How to Differentiate Fake from Genuine Perfumes

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I always wear perfume and I've worn almost the same perfume for the last couple of years and somehow I have the knack in knowing if an item is fake or the real thing. Say when it comes to perfume, it doesn't take a lot to know if it is fake. Sellers advertise them as genuine or 100% authentic. Unfortunately, with most sellers they don't post real photo of the item they are selling and even if they do you can't really see the difference until you've received it. When you receive it look at the box, it's better if you don't throw your empty box or bottle before you buy one from ebay so at least you have something to compare it with. If you look closely, the way the box is  printed its either faded or too bright in color. The letters on the make aren't as detailed, the same goes on the bottle. The Print on the bottle isn't that perfect and it looks quite obvious that its not properly printed, then look for imperfections on the cap, sometimes they just refill them and repaint the cap. second is the smell, a fake one smells too strong or smells very alcoholy and doesn't last on your skin that long. Even if it does it might smell differently. These are only a few tips that i can share with you and I'm speaking from experience. Just be responsible buyers as there are a lot of irresponsible sellers there just out to make profit by ripping other people off ruining the reputations of genuine ebay sellers.
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