How to Distinguish the Two TURBOCHARGERS for NISSAN NAVARA

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Welcome to buy turbocharger from our MaXpeedingRods UK stroe.
Our customer usually buy the two turbochargers by mistake as they looks like having the same fitment but different in details:

Let's compare them now:

1. Turbocharger TURBO CHARGER for NISSAN NAVARA D40 2.5 DCI 4WD GT2056V 14411-EB300

2. for Nissan Navara Pathfinder R51 2.5 L GT2056V 769708 767720 Turbo Turbocharger

Important Note before placing the order :

Please Carefully distinguish this Turbo with 769708 , their difference is on the exhaust side which connect with the manifold.
769708 turbo have 4 exhaust inlet bolt hole, but the 14411-eb300 only have 3 exhaust inlet bolt hole,
Both of them have 3 bolts hole on the exhaust outlet side

Several reasons may cause your turbocharger leaking oil during the process of using, you check it firstly by yourself or your mechanic firstly before coming to us:

Dirty air filter system
Excessive flow resistance in exhaust system
Oil drain lines clogged, leaking or distorted
Crankcase ventilation clogged and restricted
Coke and sludge in turbocharger center housing
Valve guide, piston rings, engine or cylinder liners worn/increased blow by
Dirty compressor or charge air cooler
Piston ring sealing defective
Engine oil level high
Excessive oil pressure
High mileage engine

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