How to Dress-up a Black Jewellery Box

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How to Dress-up a Black Jewellery Box

When you use a black box to store jewellery and it looks a little plain, seize the opportunity to decorate it. Whether you would prefer a black jewellery box to look vintage or flashy, numerous options are available to help you achieve your desired look. Decoupaging and painting result in shabby chic effects, while beads and crystals create modern designs.


Decoupaging a Black Jewellery Box

Decoupage is an enjoyable pastime that takes very little time. Find the look you want in old magazine pages or ready-made decoupage sheets. Simply layer PVA or Mod Podge glue on top of the sheets and wait for it to dry. To retain some of the black jewellery box's natural charm, just decoupage the front or the lid as a statement area. When finished, wait for it to dry and seal it with varnish.


Adding Glamorous Crystals to a Black Jewellery Box

Decoupaging creates a great shabby chic look, but it is not the best decorating approach for those who prefer glamour. With a lot of time and patience, it is possible to use stick-on crystals to achieve a glamorous look. Available in a multitude of colours, stick-on crystals catch the light and add instant flair. Get creative and form a pattern or take an ostentatious approach and cover the jewellery box completely. Aim for absolute opulence by using Swarovski crystals.


Adding Bohemian Beads to a Black Jewellery Box

Crystals are excellent for producing glamour, but they might seem a bit garish to those who prefer a bohemian look. Creating a boho jewellery box is simple with beads. Using tweezers and a strong glue like Mod Podge, attach the beads to the jewellery box. To make the process easier, try using some type of stencil to hold them in place. A cookie cutter in a particular shape could hold the beads still while the glue dries, for example. Jewellery making beads are particularly good for this purpose, and large wooden beads with ethnic patterns make gluing less time consuming while creating a rugged look that contrasts nicely with the black exterior.


Hand Painting a Black Jewellery Box

It is possible to hand paint many types of boxes. If the box is wood, lightly sand it before using chalk paint to form unique images that result in a fresh look. Even if painting does not come naturally to you, you can always rely on stencils. Spray paint with stencils makes quick work of the project. As with decoupaging, seal the box with varnish after the paint dries.

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