How to Dress up a Mens Tshirt for a Night Out

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How to Dress up a Mens Tshirt for a Night Out

Some of the most comfortable and casual staples of a man's wardrobe, T-shirts work for a variety of occasions and with a variety of other standard clothing pieces. However, many men do not think of wearing T-shirts for a night out on the town. Despite this, T-shirts fit in quite well as evening wear and make an impression that stands out from the crowd, and men can dress up a T-shirt for evening activities using a few simple tricks.


Pair a T-Shirt with Chinos

Most men think of T-shirts as jeans clothing. While the common ensemble of a T-shirt and jeans is one of the most common men's outfits, T-shirts work well with other types of pants as well. For a night out, coordinate a T-shirt with a pair of khaki chino pants. Often more comfortable than jeans due to their breathable cotton material, chinos have dressier look than standard denim. With a V-neck cotton T-shirt loosely tucked inside, it becomes an outfit that works for a night at a club, the pub, or the cinema.


Wear a T-shirt with a Blazer

While many people think of blazers as a piece worn solely with a button down shirt and tie, many blazers work with simple tees. A blazer made from cotton material rather than silk or polyester adds to a good looking ensemble for a night out. You do not even need to wear a plain T-shirt under a blazer and can choose a graphic one instead. For a clean cut look, wear a black blazer with a plain white T-shirt or for something a little more wild choose a grey blazer with a black and white striped shirt or a blue blazer with a yellow graphic T-shirt. You can even wear a pair of blue jeans with the T-shirt and blazer for a stand out style.


Wear a T-shirt with a Vest

Whether donning a T-shirt for an afternoon lunch or an evening of drinks and dancing, pairing it with a vest makes it work for dressing up or dressing down. Choose a vest to go over your T-shirt and it creates a sharp look for evening activities. Vests work well with solid-coloured T-shirts and come in a variety of styles and materials, including rayon, cotton, suede, and leather. Finish the look with jeans and you are ready for a night out.


Accessorise the T-Shirt

When you use accessories, the choices are endless. Choose a simple gold chain and any T-shirt look becomes dressy. A hat also works for creating a standout evening look that turns heads. It might also be worth searching a fashion line, such as Yeezy by Kanye West, to find the style of accessories you'd like, or just for ideas.

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