How to Drive Free Traffic to your eBay Store

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Here at Andy's Bargains Galore Store we have listed ten of those quick and easy tactics to help you drive more traffic to your eBay Store, and thus drive more eBay sales!

1. Use the free keyword feature in the "manage my store" area. These keywords get your store listed on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

2. Put your eBay store link in your email signature.

3. Sign up for free traffic sites such as Traffic Swarm and Free Traffic Systems.

4. Open a free Facebook and Twitter account. Remember, search engines recognize every time a new backlink to your store is created. Every time you post on your Facebook page or tweet, you can create a new backlink. You also build a community for your customers and fans to interact with you thus increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

5. Join the eBay Affiliate Program if you have your own website. You get 75% off of your final value fee on each item that is sold where the customer linked to you from your outside of eBay link. All you have to do is every time you post a link to your store on a site other than eBay, just put ?refid=store at the end of the url. You will see your final value fee credit in your account.

6. Make sure you check off your option in "manage my store" to include a link to your store on all of your listings.

7. Use Supreme Lister to give your eBay listings the WOW factor. 

8. Use online classified ads to promote your store.

9. Put a flier or business card with a url for your store in every shipment you send out.

10. Write guides, blogs, and reviews, and reply to other ones as well and include a link to your  eBay store (like we did at the top of this guide). These guides, blogs, and reviews can take time, but it will most likely increase your site traffic!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Good luck! 

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