How to Enrol a Visonic Wireless Fob (MCT-234) to a Powermax Alarm

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MCT-234 Wireless Keyfob
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MCT-234 Wireless Keyfob

This also applies to the 2-way MCT-237 keyfob

All the current Visonic Powermax wireless control panels (Express, Complete & Pro) can be controlled using wireless remote keyfobs - either the compact MCT-234 or the bulkier MCT-237.  The now obsolete Powermax + (Plus) model can only enrol the MCT-234.  The MCT-237 keyfob differs from the MCT-234 in that it provides positive feedback, on the keyfob, that the requested action has been carried out.  The MCT-237 can also be used to set & unset the alarm system where the system has been set up with partitions.  Up to 8 keyfobs can be enrolled onto the control panel and can be a mixture of the two types.  In addition to setting and unsetting the alarm system, the keyfobs can function as personal attack devices (by pressing two buttons simultaneously) and can also be used to control other devices such as X-10 via a suitable interface.  The keyfobs have a wireless range of around 20 metres (line of sight) and are powered by readily obtainable batteries.  battery life under typical (3 -4 times per day) usage is in excess of 2 years.

The keyfobs can be enrolled through either the User or the Installer menu of the system.

Enrolling keyfobs through the User Menu

You will need your user code in order to enrol keyfobs.  you will also need to have one or more available keyfob slots (8 max).
  1. Have the keyfob you wish to enrol to hand and fitted with a working battery - pressing a button on the keyfob should light the red LED or on the MCT-237 light the display.
  2. At the control panel, press the forward arrow >> until the display reads USER SETTING, press OK - you will be prompted for your 4 digit user code.  Enter your User code.
  3. Press the forward arrow >> until the display reads  ENROL KEYFOB, press OK and then the forward arrow >> to scroll through the keypad slots.  Available slots are displayed without the black square next to the keyfob number.
  4. When you have an available slot displayed, press the OK button and the display will read TRANSMIT NOW.
  5. Press any button on the keyfob and you will hear the 'happy' beep, indicating that the fob is now enrolled.
  6. Pressing the ARM HOME button on the control panel will take you back through the menus allowing you to add more keyfobs.  When you have finished enrolling press the ARM HOME button until you get to the display <OK> TO EXIT, press OK and you will be logged out of the system.

Enrolling Keyfobs through the Installer menu.

The enrolling procedure is essentially the same but you will need to enter installer mode first.  
  1. To enter installer mode you need to go into the user menu and then press >> to navigate to INSTALLER, press OK and enter your Installer code at the prompt.
  2. Press >> to navigate to ENROL and press OK.
  3. Navigate to ENROL KEYFOB and press OK.
  4. Follow the steps as for the User menu instructions.

Un-enrolling Keyfobs

Keyfobs are un-enrolled by navigating to the relevant keyfob slot - it will have a black box to its right indicating that it is enrolled.  Press OK and <OFF> to Delete  will be displayed.  Press the disarm button (open padlock) on the control panel and the keyfob will be deleted from the system.
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