How to Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone Replacement Battery

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How to Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone Replacement Battery

The demands on a modern mobile phone battery shrink the lifespan of a charge. In order to improve the life of a replacement battery, increase time between charges, reduce the screen brightness, avoid free apps, and turn off push notifications. A mobile replacement battery that lasts a long time saves money.


Time Between Charges

A modern lithium-ion battery has a set number of charges. This means more time between charges increases the life of the battery. If a phone is in an area with poor or no service, turn it off. Searching for a signal depletes a battery faster than normal. An additional way to increase time between charges is to use the ringtone without vibrate. An AMOLED screen—like the one on the Samsung Wave—does not light up black pixels, which means a black background uses less battery.


Adjust Screen Settings

Screen brightness and colour contrast draw battery power. Most mobile phones, such as the HTC One, auto-adjust brightness on the touch screen, but if a battery gets low, a manual brightness adjustment can improve battery life. Moreover, make the screen timeout as short as possible.


Turn Off Data Fetching and Push Notifications

Though not essential to the operation of a mobile phone, data fetching depletes valuable battery life. An example is an email application that automatically updates every time a new message comes in. Similarly, push notifications also draw power, yet they often send messages that are less than urgent. Navigate to the settings of each app to turn off unnecessary data fetching and push notifications.


Buy Premium Apps

Ads support many free apps. In some cases 75 per cent of an app's battery consumption is due to the ads it serves. Premium apps do not connect to a remote server to display ads, which significantly decreases drain on the battery.


Clean the Battery and Phone Contact Point

The point where the battery and mobile phone connect—except for mobiles like the iPhone in which the battery is embedded into the phone's construction—accumulates dust and dirt over time. This interference reduces the efficiency of the energy transfer, which ultimately causes the battery to run out sooner. To clean the contact point, use a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol. When the battery and phone contacts are made of two different metals, such as tin and gold, an accelerated form of corrosion occurs. To remove, use nail varnish remover or acetone. Carefully apply the solution, however, since both are harmful to the plastic casing of a replaceable battery.

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