How to Find Classic Lorry Parts on eBay

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How to Find Classic Lorry Parts on eBay

Restoring classic vehicles is a popular hobby. The satisfaction of seeing a true classic returned to its former glory is what inspires most enthusiasts. Although the restoration of classic lorries is not as mainstream as the restoration of cars, many classic vehicle aficionados love seeing these old behemoths back on the road. The initial cost of acquiring a classic lorry is surprisingly low: the problem often lies in finding the right parts.

eBay is the perfect place to shop for classic lorry parts.. In some cases finding that elusive component may take some perseverance, but the benefit of searching for parts on eBay is that sellers from a wide range of locations offer parts at reasonable prices. Firstly, learn how to evaluate classic lorry parts and what the condition descriptions used on eBay mean. Then understand how to evaluate individual items and sellers before making a purchase. An important step in finding the right parts is knowing how to search. Finally, learn about the convenience offered by eBay Shops.

Evaluating Classic Lorry Parts

When buying classic lorry parts on eBay, the options are not as wide as they would be if buying new parts. Many parts are no longer in production, making them scarce and virtually impossible to source as new. In some cases, brand new parts that have been lying in someone's garage are available, but more often than not buyers may have to make do with used spare parts, especially if the lorry being restored is more than 50 years old. When buying old parts there is no way to ensure that they do not succumb to material fatigue two months after being fitted to the vehicle. So, take the amount of wear and the general condition of the component into account before buying.

Ageing vs. Damage to Classic Lorry Parts

It is important to differentiate between signs of ageing and damage to parts. Over time, all metal corrodes. If the part for sale is rusty, buyers should not be scared off. Surface rust can always be removed and the part can be repainted to look as good as new. If the seller offers a part that has been cleaned and painted, it is far more difficult to establish the item's true condition: paint hides all manner of sins, including repairs and corrosion. If the condition of the item cannot be seen and the seller does not provide adequate details, ask for more information by clicking on the eBay "Ask a question&" link.

The problem lies in buying parts with worn surfaces where the wear affects the item's functionality, especially when one part interacts with another. For example, bearing surfaces on axle shafts should be checked in order to ensure that they are within their expected specification as the bearing will be a loose fit if there is a deviation from the specification. In some cases, parts can be processed by a machine to remove this type of damage, but it is best to check whether this service is available in the local area and how much it costs to have a part machined. Similarly, some trim pieces may need to be refinished to look as good as new.

Terms Used to Describe Classic Lorry Parts

Buyers may encounter several common terms that are used to describe the condition of classic lorry parts.. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts have been made by the original manufacturer to the same specification as the parts that were used in the lorry when it was first built. New old stock (NOS) parts have never been used, but are no longer suitable for modern vehicles. These parts have usually been stored in a warehouse or workshop. Restored parts are similar to remanufactured parts and have been dismantled and reworked to an as-new condition. Reproduction parts are copies of original parts and feature the same materials and finishes. Copied parts look like original parts, but often differ in materials and finishes.

eBay Item Condition Descriptions 

eBay's item condition descriptions make it easier for buyers to see what they are purchasing. While the terms above are often found in seller's item descriptions, eBay conditions are predefined to make searching simpler. The table below lists the site's condition descriptions with a short explanation.

eBay Item Condition Description



Brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged

Still in original packaging, if applicable

Packaging may be non-retail

New other

New and unused

No signs of wear

May be missing packaging or unsealed

May be a factory seconds or have defects


Properly rebuilt automotive part

Item has been dismantled, cleaned, and repaired

Worn, missing, or faulty components have been replaced

Functional equivalent of a new part


Previously used

May show signs of cosmetic wear

Fully operational

For parts or not working

Does not work

May require service or repair

May be missing essential components

Always read the full item description when shopping on eBay. If the listing does not include specific information about the item's condition and buyers would like more details, then they can contact the seller before they buy.


Restoring classic lorries is a lesser known type of classic vehicle restoration, but it is still popular with enthusiasts. Buying a vehicle to restore is often the easiest step in the process; parts for older vehicles tend to be rare, becoming more so as time goes by. eBay is an excellent source of classic lorry parts as sellers from many locations can list their offerings.

Evaluating classic lorry parts can seem somewhat tricky. However, knowing what the terms mean that are used to describe parts for sale makes it easier to find the right one for you. Used or refurbished parts are common, especially if the manufacturer no longer produces the original parts required. While corrosion is seldom an issue, check the surfaces of parts where they interact with other components. Wear or damage to these surfaces can sometimes be repaired, but it is best to be sure before you buy. Try to buy parts that are as close to the required specification as possible in order to avoid spending time and money having parts machined.

Learn how to search effectively for classic lorry parts and remember to keep the details of your vehicle, such as the make and model, on hand. To shop on eBay with confidence, evaluate the item and the seller before you buy.

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