How to Find Flared Garments That Flatter Your Body

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How to Find Flared Garments That Flatter Your Body

The key to looking great is to find clothes that flatter your body. Do not let your body size define your clothes, instead, let your clothes show off your best body assets. Flared garments are designed for all shapes and sizes. In order to find that special outfit to flatter your figure, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration.


Pre-Shopping Checklist

Before going on a shopping spree, consider the occasion for which the garment is needed. For casual occasions or an evening on the town, you cannot go wrong with a pair of flared jeans and the right accessories. After making a decision, think about the colours that best suit your complexion or best hide the extra curves. If shopping online, it is imperative to know your correct size and body type.


Know The Right Fit

Some clothing styles that are available in petite may not be available in other sizes. Even if the fabric stretches, don't buy a too small size. If the garment fits too closely, it can accentuate the extra curves on a bulky frame or the bone structure in someone who is very thin. Incorrect sizes may cause the fabric to drape or sag in the wrong places. The right sized flared garment will help to mask some of the less desirable "assets", such as a top hugging dress that flares off at the hips for a casual dinner or summer day, or a pair of flared jeans to cover those boots on a slightly chilly autumn evening. Many women are fond of long fit and flare dresses or mermaid dresses, but these are not suitable for all body types. If you are top heavy, a mermaid dress might make you look like a snow cone, whereas an A-line flare dress would flatter nicely and be more appropriate.


Fabric in Flared Clothing

Some fabrics automatically droop and stretch easily due to their components. These fabrics tend to shrink or stretch during laundering. If you are curvy, do not buy slinky flared dresses as they may not flare as they should and diminish the style of the dress. Instead buy cotton, linen, or denim dresses in the correct size to maintain the intended style of the dress.


Colour in Flared Clothing

Whatever type of clothing you wear, colour always plays a part in determining the final look. Many people choose black because it is considered a "safe" colour. But do not be afraid to experiment with colours especially in flared dresses. Summer flared dresses tend to have pastel solid shades or bright floral and multicolour prints. Find out what suits your skin tone better. If you are relatively pale, stay away from pastel colours. A black flared mini dress is great for a date or dinner party, and can be paired with a nice set of heels or even a dressy pair of flat sandals.

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