How to Find Headsets That Are Compatible with Your Phone

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How to Find Headsets That Are Compatible with Your Phone

Office environments are becoming increasingly hectic, and it seems that workers are expected to cope with a burgeoning workload as firms cut costs like never before. Multi-tasking is the 'buzz word' that is driving efforts to improve efficiency, so any item of equipment that makes that possible is very important to the business world. Headsets can be connected to mobile phones in a number of ways, and that can allow people to talk and perform other essential functions at the same time. Previously, office workers or those who spent a lot of time in their cars could be seen cradling a phone between their ear and shoulder. However, this could cause severe pain over time. The combined benefits of improved efficiency and comfort make headsets for phones a hugely important item of technology. There are several options on the market to choose from, and selecting the best one for the job often depends on personal preferences.

The Basis Choices to Make When Purchasing Headsets for Phones

The various types of headsets and their specific functions will create very different experiences. Factors such as environment, existing technology, and personal preference will come into play during the purchasing process. Deciding on a specific type of headset should always be the first part of the purchasing process.

Voice Tube or Noise-Cancelling

Where the clarity of sound is paramount, a voice tube headset will usually be the best option. However, voice tubes do not have noise cancellation features, and they usually need to be replaced within a year. Where ambient noise is relatively low, voice tube systems are usually the best option. Large offices, particularly call-centre environments, will usually require noise cancellation headsets, but the overall sound quality will suffer slightly.

Dual or Single Ear

Which system to opt for depends on the environment in which the headset will be used. Where background noise is low, a single ear headset will allow people to talk to colleagues and listen to instructions from managers while on a call. Single ear systems are often lighter and more comfortable, as they are worn over a single ear. Noisy environments usually require a dual ear headset; however, people are who concerned about the weight on their head can find a few systems with a band that fits around the neck instead of the head.

Wireless or Wired

A wireless headset allows people to move around their working environment; ideal where people perform jobs that require regular interaction with other departments. However, large firms that need several headsets for their staff will be faced with much higher costs than those associated with purchasing wired systems. Many wired systems also include amplification, and that can be extremely useful in particularly noisy environments such as busy call centres.

The Different Headset Designs for Use with Mobile Phones

There are four main types of headset designed for use with a mobile phone. They offer very different user experiences, but all four will perform well in most environments.


Bluetooth headsets are small and extremely versatile. They are usually attached to a single ear, and they connect wirelessly to any mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities. They require no wires, and that makes them ideal for use while driving. However, they are susceptible to interference from nearby wireless devices.

Complete Earpiece Sets

This type of headset is very popular with people who need high quality communication during physical activity. It will usually feature a dual ear system with a portable radio. Microphones are usually fitted with noise cancellation technology to ensure background noise is kept to a minimum. Such devices are popular with construction workers, nightclub staff, and skiers.


Ear-bud headsets are often included with the latest mobile phones. They are simple to operate, as they include only two ear-buds and a microphone that is often integrated into the wire. The buds are connected to the phone using a normal 3.5mm jack, and some systems have button controls for answering calls and volume – meaning people don't have to fumble around for their phone when a call comes in.

Boom Microphone

A clip-on boom microphone often combines all the elements of Bluetooth and earpiece headsets; however, they are also available in wired formats. The headset clips on to an ear, and the microphone is on a boom. The earpiece can swivel, so the user can decide which ear to mount it on. Most systems also allow the user to move the microphone to the most suitable position.

Why Are Bluetooth Headsets for Phones So Popular?

While large office environments will usually benefit from wired systems, Bluetooth headsets are the most popular systems in smaller offices and with domestic users. Wireless systems of this nature have a number of key benefits that make them ideal for particular situations.


Most systems are designed to connect with mobile phones on an automated basis, and that makes them very easy to install. Some systems allow up to seven connections at the same time, and the headset will usually be able to operate at a distance of up to ten metres away from the phone it is paired with.


Bluetooth headsets are usually sleek and compact. Indeed, their lightweight nature means people often forget they are wearing them. Many Bluetooth headsets are single ear with a short boom for the microphone, but they are available with full headbands if required. A small button on the side of the device is used to receive incoming calls, so there is no need to handle the mobile phone once both devices have been paired.

Music Playback

The latest stereo Bluetooth headsets are able to receive streaming music from the device they are paired with. Should a call come in, the music will automatically stop, and it will restart once the call has ended.

Integration with Car Stereos

Most modern cars now have built-in Bluetooth functionality, and many headsets can be paired with these systems quite easily.

One significant drawback of a Bluetooth headset, however, is that fact they include rechargeable batteries that must be charged for use. There are some headsets that can take their charge directly from a phone, but these systems are relatively expensive.

How to Buy Headsets for Phones on eBay

The eBay website makes searching for the very latest used and new headsets a simple and quick process, and users have two main ways of finding the equipment that best serves their needs. The quickest way to commence a search is to type a search term into the text-entry box at the top of the page. The most accurate way to conduct a search for headsets is to use eBay's category-based search function. Every search should begin with the clicking of the All Categories link near the top of the homepage. A drop-down menu will then appear, and it will contain all of eBay's main shopping categories. From that list, the Mobile Phones & Communication link should be clicked, followed by the Search icon. The user will then be presented with a list of sub-categories on the left of the screen. Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories should be selected from that list, and the page will then reload once again. From the subsequent list of sub-categories, the Headsets option should be selected. The user can then start to browse the huge selection of headsets for mobile phones. However, it is possible to narrow the results yet further by selecting the various check-boxes that can be found at the left of the page. The additional options include sorting results based on colour, features, earpiece design and brand.


Headsets for mobile phones are there to make life easier. They allow people to multi-task in busy office environments, and that can improve the overall efficiency of a business. However, the headsets required for very large, noisy offices will be very different to those more suited for domestic use. Call centres in particular are full of people talking to customers, and that can be very distracting. In those environments, a wired, dual ear headset is probably the best option. Domestic users, drivers and those working in small offices will often be better served by one ear headsets with Bluetooth connectivity. However, comfort should not be overlooked, and that is often a matter of personal preference. There are dozens of different headsets on the market, and choosing the best one is often a matter of trial and error.

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