How to Find a Castle Holiday on eBay

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How to Find a Castle Holiday on eBay

There are many fantastic and magical castle holidays offered on eBay. The trick is to find them and book them within a specific holiday budget, no matter what that budget is. Many of the more famous castles are located inside the U.K., while others that are more remote dot the European landscape. Many of these castles have been converted to bed and breakfasts or hotels where only a portion of the castle is used, and the rest can be toured with the help of a professional guide. Those who work inside of the castles often know the secrets of the castle, as well as its history and all of the deeds, both good and bad, that went on there.

For the perfect castle holiday, a family or group has to plan ahead. Many of the castles that have been converted have a limited number of rooms that are available and open to the public. When deciding which castle to visit, make sure to look at the location of the castle, the size and types of accommodations, and although many of them take days to explore, it is important to find attractions in the area as well.

Location of the Castle

When booking a castle holiday on eBay, it is a good idea to keep in mind which area of the world the castle is located. Since just about every country has some form of castle, it is possible to stay in a castle while on holiday no matter where a family decides to stay. Many areas have more than one castle rich in history and culture. Depending on where the castle is located, it is possible that it incorporates an entire town or is just a defensive structure. Most castle holidays that can be found on eBay have different options that come with them. For some of holidays, families can stay in the castle, itself, while others have accommodations in the an annex or exterior rooms. Many times, it depends on the age and contents of the castle where a holiday-goer is allowed to stay and explore.

Many of the different castles have different types of rooms, many of them themed or made to look as if they are authentic to the time period of the castle. Another choice in castle accommodations that can be found on eBay are modern ones. Many castles have their rooms outfitted with all of the latest technology and conveniences of a modern hotel. Sometimes these amenities are disguised or made to appear as if they are in the traditional time period of the castle.

Many people are interested in the area surrounding the castle as well as the castle itself, like some of the French countryside castles that have wineries attached or the English moor castles that have spectacular gardens attached to them. Many places pride themselves on their history, and castles are a part of their history.

The location of a castle can also play a part in whether or not it makes a good castle for a holiday. When choosing a castle for a holiday, a person must make sure that the weather, climate, and conditions are all satisfactory for a holiday before booking. When purchasing a booking on eBay, there may not be much of a choice as to when the holiday is. It is alway wise to check on these details before the purchase of a holiday.

What to Look for When Finding a Castle Holiday on eBay

Finding a castle holiday on eBay is not exactly like finding one at a travel agent or other outlet. Many times, the holiday is being sold through eBay by a private citizen who cannot go on the holiday. There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes plans change and a member of the family cannot go, sometimes there are unforeseen consequences too, and the people who originally purchased the holiday cannot attend the holiday. Some holidays are won in contests, while others may be purchased as gifts, making it difficult for the person to use it.

There are many reasons why a person is not be able to use tickets for a castle holiday and are selling it on eBay. Regardless of the reason, it is not difficult to find good deals on eBay for castle holidays. The elements that need to be checked and double-checked are dates that the holiday is scheduled, whether or not the holiday is transferrable, and if everything about purchasing it is within the holiday company's policies. Some holiday companies do not allow people to transfer or sell their packages once purchased. It is important to make sure that the castle holiday package can be transferred and is within the eBay policies for booking, transferring, and buying the holiday package. A buyer does not want to purchase a holiday if they cannot use it.

Knowing whether or not a person can use the holiday is important. The next important thing to look at is whether or not the holiday suits the family using it. The buyer has to have the time free for which the holiday is scheduled or the tickets have to be flexible. There has to be enough room for those who are going on the holiday. Some castle holidays act like bed and breakfast holidays where they are meant for two to four adults, rather than those with children. There are also castle holidays that are meant for whole families. The rooms and amenities are meant for families, rather than couples.


With Children

Without Children



Fold-out for space

King or queen









No daycare


Children's games

Adult-oriented games


Sports geared for children

Separate age appropriate activities

Sports for adults


Counselors and coordinators occupy the children

Counselors and coordinators occupy the adults

Many castle holiday resorts cater to either adults or to adults with children. There are not many that cater to both. Each type of castle is designed for having either kids present or mainly adults. Most of the adult-oriented castles do not allow children or only allow children at certain times of year. Many of the attractions in older European towns that offer castle accommodations are not suited for children at all. They are better accommodations for older children or adults. Not many of the true older castles are setup to cater to small children. Make sure that the setup is proper for the type of holiday that is desired. Castle holiday plans can be extremely difficult to change once planned. Each of the different castles may have different return policies as well as accommodation arrangements.

Buying a Castle Holiday on eBay

When a person wants to buy a castle holiday on eBay, there are a few other steps that they must take, since eBay offers everything in one place. First, they must search for the castle holiday that they desire. You can type the keywords "Irish castle holiday" or "English castle holiday" into the search box, and then hit enter or click on search. This populates a list of castle holidays that match the search criteria on eBay. Browse the listings to find one that you want to examine closer. Once you find one, click on the listing and it brings up a more detailed listing.

The detailed listing should have everything a person needs to make an informed decision about the holiday. Many of these listings have an itinerary for the trip, information on accommodations, and a variety of other useful information about the trip. Some information should include how to claim the trip, such as if it is in ticket form already or if you have to go to a website or other outlet to download the information. There may also be any conditions listed that need to be completed before the trip can be taken. One of the most important sections of information on the detailed description is how to contact the seller if there are any questions or problems with the holiday purchase.


There are many reasons to purchase a castle holiday on eBay. Many users decide to place their trip on eBay for purchase due to unforeseen circumstances or illnesses. Here, they can transfer the trip without losing all of their money. A buyer can receive a better than average deal on a castle holiday on eBay due to these circumstances.

When purchasing the trip itself, it is easy to check out the accommodations, different types of castle holidays, and the features of the trip in the eBay listing. Since both travel agents and private dealers sell trips using the eBay platform, it is easy for anyone to get a discount on a variety of castle holidays. Remember to look carefully at the terms and conditions of the trip before purchasing one from eBay to be sure it is what is desired. Make sure that all members of the family are accommodated as well.

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