How to Find an Outfit to Flatter the Hourglass Figure

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How to Find an Outfit to Flatter the Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure is typically the most coveted by women. The shape is characterised by a chest and hips that are close to the same width and a waist that is narrower. Whether women have a thin or full hourglass figure, finding flattering outfits is a cinch and there are a number of particularly attractive ways to dress.


Look for the Low Necklines

Tops with a V-neck, square neck, or scoop neck all look great on the hourglass figure so long as they are low cut. This accentuates the chest and draws even more attention to the hourglass shape. Take this even further with embellished necklines that feature ruffles, lace, beads, or embroidery. Pair these tops with short necklaces such as chokers that elongate the neck and balance out the low neckline.


Look for Tailored Tops

The biggest factor to remember when shopping for outfits for an hourglass figure is to look for tailored clothing. Avoid loose-fitting tops and go with fabrics and styles that cling to the body. Wrap tops are snug around the torso, which shows off the hips and curved waist. Tops with belts around the waist also draw attention to the narrower waist. For a more casual look, go with simple tank tops that are made out of stretch materials. They can double as an undershirt when needed and be dressed up with simple accessories such as a shark tooth necklace or a bead bracelet.


Get Dolled up in Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans may be the bane of most women, but not for those with an hourglass figure. Skinny jeans can be shape killers by making the buttocks look flat, or they can make fuller hips look even larger. Because of this, only those with an hourglass figure can typically wear them. Be sure to only wear skinny jeans with a tight top. The curve of the hips must be visible. To draw even more attention to curves, wear knee high boots over the top of the jeans. Those with short legs can elongate their figure with high heel boots.


Wear Fitted Jackets

Look for fitted jackets which are either slim all the way down or with a belted waist. Avoid loose or shapeless jackets. On a cool day, wear short jackets that stop above the hips. These show off the hips. Miniature jackets which stop above the waistline make the waist appear even narrower, thus adding to the natural curves of the body.


Dress Up in Dresses

Dresses are the epitome of femininity and no figure can wear them more easily than the hourglass body. Show off those curves with form-fitting cocktail dresses or take a more casual approach with a summer dress featuring a wide belt around the waist.

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