How to Fit Fitness Into Your Small Living Space

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Written by:  thebodydepartment
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Lose the excuses... lose the pounds!

Let's face it, sometimes the hardest part about going to the gym is actually getting up and going to the gym. It's a lot of work, you have to get dressed, then get in the  car and drive to the gym, and who can forget the whole getting out of the car's EXHAUSTING! That's probably why we often make excuses, and the gym becomes a distant memory, a place you go to once or twice a year. Don't let the hassle of going to the gym keep you from getting your workout on. Whether you live in a university halls or a small apartment, here are some easy ways to bring the gym to you. 
The first step is to find some space where you can set up your gym without being in the way. If you have  weights, a stepstability ball, etc., then great! If not, here are 6 things you will need to create your mini gym: 

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1.) Yoga Mat

Yoga mats aren’t just for yoga anymore. They are great to use when doing a toning workout as well. And when it comes to comfort, a yoga mat trumps carpet any day. If you’re using your mat regularly you’ll also need some mat cleaner to keep your yoga mat clean, disinfected and smelling fresh. 

2.) Weights

Start off small. If you haven't been lifting weights long or you've never worked out with them, go for  3lbs or  5lbs, and work your way up from there. Once you get comfortable, move up to  eight or  ten pounds. It is great to have a whole variety of different weights, so depending on your workout, you can choose which pound size works.  

3.) Ottoman

Don't have a step? A small  ottoman can serve as beautiful decor, seating, and the perfect step during workouts. If you have a little more space and need a little more storage, another option is an  ottoman bench, which opens up to give you extra storage, and when closed provides ample seating.  If your style is a bit less traditional and more contemporary, you will love this  3 piece ottoman set as much as we do! 

4.) Kettlebell

What's a workout without  kettlebells? Very similar to weights, you want to start with a small or in this case light kettlebell, and work your way up to avoid strain and possible injury. We found 3lbs,  5lbs and  10lbs at amazing prices, so take your pick! 
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5.) Stability Ball

Your home gym isn't complete without a   stability ball. It's not easy to hide a stability ball, especially if you live in a really small space. The trick is to get one that comes with a   pump, so you can inflate/deflate easily and store it out of sight when not in use. 

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6.) Motivational Poster + Videos

There's nothing better than looking up during a hard workout at something that gives you the inspiration to keep going… something like a  motivational poster. Once you've got your motivation all you need is a good   workout video. We have you covered there too! 

Here are some   Zumba,   yoga,  toning and  strength training workouts to fit every fitness personality. Be sure to track your fitness progress with an activity tracker like the Jawbone. Now all you have to do is roll off the couch and get your bum in gear! 
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