How to Fit a Net Curtain

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How to Fit a Net Curtain

When you want a good balance of light in a room, choosing a net curtain is an ideal decision. Net curtains typically feature a sheer material and offer a semi-transparent look that heavier materials like thick silks and cottons, as well as velvet, cannot. Common net curtain types include lace and voile sheers. You can learn how to fit a net curtain to your window so it installs easily and brings the room to life.


Accurate Measurements

Before you purchase your curtains, make sure to they will fit your window frame properly. They can look odd if they overlap the wall, but also if they leave gaps between the wall and the curtain that cause too much light to shine through. Use a tape measure to find the length between the two sides of the window, as well as from the top of the window frame to the sill or the top of the window frame to the floor, depending on the look you are going for. You do want to have some gathering on either end of the curtain’s width, but too much is unnecessary and creates an awkward look.


Choose Your Hanging Hardware

You have different curtain rod choices and some are easier to install than others are. A spring curtain rod just pops into the window frame and holds to the wall via tension. A net curtain wire is the most popular option for these types of curtains, as it is inexpensive and you can cut it to size. The curtain drapes across the wire with a loose fit and you can cut one long wire to fit a variety of net curtains throughout your home.


Installing the Hardware

Before a net curtain adorns a window, you need to attach all the hardware to the wall. If you choose to use a curtain wire, the hooks become your best friend. With a drill and small bit, create small holes on either side of the window frame. Then, fit the hooks’ eyes that come with the wire into the holes and attach hooks to one side of the wire before pulling it across the window frame to the other side. Make a pencil mark where you need to cut so it fits evenly and then cut the wire with a pair of pliers. Fit the second hook onto the other end of the wire and move on to the actual curtain.


Hanging the Curtain

After ensuring the wire is just the right size to leave a loose curtain fit, string it through the top hem of the curtain until it comes out the other side. Attach both hooks into both eyes on the wall and make sure to pull the wire tight enough so that the curtain does not droop excessively.

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