How to Fit a Pull-Out Tap

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Pullout taps are space-savers since they replace those three-piece units that crowd the back of a kitchen sink and also because their pull-out feature eliminates separate spray-hose. It has been become more and more popular in the country. Yet it is not so straightforward for installation. We would like to provide a general guide, using Polo Pullout Tap in our eBay store as an example. You may check more information about pullout taps at


Before installing the new mixer it is essential that you thoroughly flush through the supply pipes in order to remove any remaining solder, swarf or impurities from your system. Failure to carry out this simple procedure could cause problems or damage to the workings of the tap.

All parts should be removed from their packaging and inspected for any transport damage prior to installation. Shut off your water heating system and ensure that your mains stopcock is closed. Open the lowest hot and cold taps in the house and allow the water to run until the cold-water storage tank and pipes are fully empty.



A Tap body
B Upper sink/worktop seal
C Threaded body
D Rubber washer
E Metal washer
F Fixing nut
G Hot flexible inlet pipe
H Mixed water adaptor hose
I Small rubber washer
J Braided connecting pipe
L Braided connecting pipe (flanged end of part J)
M Showerhead
N Large rubber washer
O Cold flexible inlet pipe
P Hose weight


1. Using large rubber seal (N) screw the showerhead (M) to the connecting pipe (J)
2. Pass the connecting pipe (J) through the spout of the tap (A) through the base of the tap.
3. Screw the hot flexible tail pipe (G) into the base of the tap (c).
4. Screw the cold flexible tail pipe (O) into the base of the tap (b).
5. Screw the mixed water tail pipe (H) into the base of the tap (a).
6. Pass the upper seal (B) over the threaded body (C), tail pipes (G,H&O) and connecting pipe(J) and locate it centrally on the base of the tap (A).
7. Place the tap (A) onto the sink or worktop and pass pipes (G,H,J&O) through the tap hole. With the tap in place check that the tail pipes (G&O) meet the hot and cold water feeds. If further adjustment to the plumbing is required do this now.
8. Pass the rubber washer (D) and then metal washer (E) over the threaded body (C).
9. Fasten the fixing nut (F) securely onto the threaded body (C) fixing the tap into its correc t location.
10. Screw the connecting pipe(J) securely into adaptor hose (H) using the small rubber seal (I). Avoid twisting the shower hose also allow the part to move freely when the showerhead is pulled out.
11. With the showerhead in the spout, fasten the lead weight (P) around the lowest point of the connecting pipe (J)
12. Connect the tail pipes (G&O) to the water mains

After installation

Once you have visually checked the new fittings and connections, ensure that all taps are closed except the new mixer tap which should be left open. Turn on the water supply at the mains stop cock. As the system starts to refill, check carefully for leaks. Once you are fully satisfied that there are no leaks, turn on the water heating. Clean the tap to remove any marks created during installation as instructed.


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