How to Fit the Big Round Clip in Hair Bun

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The Big Round is the must have hair piece that gives you the perfect doughnut style top bun within minutes!
Available in 14 popular hair colours the Big Round is made from superior quality Kankaleon heat resistant synthetic fibre hair which looks and feels just like human hair.

This style guide has been put together to show you how fit the Big Round clip in hair bun. Here you’ll also find tips and tricks on how to tend to the hair piece after delivery, and everything we know to give you that sleek look and maximum effect.
iCraveBeauty - How to fit the Big Round - Step 1 Prepare

Step One – Prepare

The hair piece will need to be prepared for its first use after being sent in the post. A quick way to do this is to roll a pop sock in on itself to create a doughnut ring.
Place the sock into the netting of the hair piece and pull the drawstring so that the netting surrounds the sock evenly.
Tip: Ensure the slide combs are pointing outwards when you place the sock in the bun, this will give the bun the best shape.
iCraveBeauty - How to fit the Big Round - Step 2 Take Shape

Step Two – Take Shape

Flip the bun over and hold it in one hand as you start to comb the hair.
The Big Round is constructed in layers which cascade from the centre towards the edge. Therefore, comb the hair from the centre outwards as you work your way around the bun.
The hair will fall into a nice doughnut shape, curving around and underneath the hair piece.
Be gentle whilst combing the bun, but as with your own hair a nominal amount of hair loss whilst combing is perfectly normal.
iCraveBeauty - How to fit the Big Round - Step 3 Tie it back

Step Three – Tie it Back

Tie your own hair back into a high ponytail or bun and secure with a thick hair band. Tidy any loose ends and baby hairs with some bobby pins or kriby grips.
Tip: If you have short hair then back comb your ponytail to give it more volume to fit the hair piece.
iCraveBeauty - How to fit the Big Round - Step 4 Snug fit

Step Four – Snug Fit

Remove the pop sock from the centre of the hair piece and try to keep the shape of the bun as you place it over your own hair.
Slide the top comb into your hair ensuring it’s secured into or behind the hair band. Work the netting around your hair feeling for a smooth, consistent shape all the way around.
iCraveBeauty - How to fit the Big Round - Step 5 Wrap it up

Step Five – Wrap it Up

Slide the bottom comb into the hair at the back of your head and pull the drawstring downwards to tighten the bun around your own hair, this will create a snug fit and give you a seamless look.
Once in place, slide the toggle up the cord to secure then wrap the excess cord around the base of the hair bun.
Tip: Conceal the toggle and drawstring under the hair piece using pins or grips to hold in place.
iCraveBeauty - How to fit the Big Round - Step 6 Good to go

Step Six- Good to Go

Gently tuck the loose ends of the hair inwards to give it a nice shape and then secure these loose ends in place with a hair band that matches your own hair colour then you’re good to go!
Tip: Gently pull out sections of hair or leave the ends loose to give the hair bun a great flicked, deconstructed look. Use hair spray to lock in your style.
It’s really that simple, Clip in hair bun, done!

If you want to get the look, view our full colour range of Big Rounds here.


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