How to Fix Glasses

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Your glasses may get scratches or may have broken or bent frames; any problem with your glasses can be fixed at home. You don’t need to go to the optician to repair it or buy a new one. Without spending much you can repair it yourself at your home. Knowing how to fix glasses and having a proper repairing kit you can fix any of the defects in your glasses within few minutes.

Fixing scratched lens

  • Fixing scratches on eye glasses is almost impossible. Scratches cannot be repaired 100%. Even if you fix the scratches on lens they are temporary, so preventing lens from scratches is the best way to protect your favorite glasses.
  • You can protect them from scratches by keeping them in a protective case when not in use.
  • Keep your lenses clean from dust particles and any other dirt by cleaning them frequently using lukewarm water or cleaning gels available in the market.
  • Protect your glasses from heat because high temperature may develop cracks on the glasses.
  • Even if there are scratches on your glasses you can stick it with glue to fix it temporarily.
  • Some superficial scratches in your glasses can be repaired completely by the opticians, but this process is costly.

Fixing a loose lens

  • Lenses are fixed in a metal or plastic frame using small screws or in a rimless frame using nylon wire.
  • You can fix the metal frames by fixing the screw in place or by using a wire and placing the lens back.
  • If a plastic frame is broken and the lens is coming out you can use some glue to stick it and place the lens in the frame.
  • If the frame is not broken you can simply push the lens in position.
  • In case of rimless frame use a nylon fiber to place the lens in the frame. This nylon fiber sits in the groove along the lens. When you have placed the upper half of the lens in position use the nylon threads to pull the remaining half.

Fixing screws of glasses

from any old glasses that can fit into this pair of glasses or buy a correct replacement from any hardware store.

  • You can also use wires and pliers to fix these arms such that the screws are held tightly.
  • Push the wire through the holes and repeat this process three to four times and using pliers twist the wires to pack them permanently.
  • You can also use super glue or any other glue so that the wires don’t come off.

Fixing a broken frame

  • Frames are most commonly made of metal or plastic. These are very delicate and there is a possibility of breaking these frames if not handled carefully.
  • You can use a small piece of metal and soldering gun to solder the frames if your frame is made of metal. While soldering the frame, be careful that you are not touching the soldering gun to the lens or any plastic parts of the glasses.
  • You can also use a cellophane tape to fix the broken frames. You will have to wrap a thick layer of cellophane tape such that the bonding is tight enough.
  • Glue can also be used to fix the broken frame. But, before applying glue to the frames clean the frame with clean water and apply glue, wait for few minutes till the glue is dried completely and then use your glasses. You can also use fast bonding glue.

Fixing a loose or bent frame

  • Glasses are generally made of plastic or metal frames which tend to bend because of continuous stretching. If your glasses have become loose or bent you can fix them using the following techniques.
  • Place your glasses in warm water for few minutes, remove the glasses from water and hold the frame in your hands and bend the frames slightly in the direction which you feel they should be bent to get into original shape.
  • If the metal has cooled and is stiff again, you can place it in warm water again and try the above process.My Little Boutik Store
  • Sometimes if the frame is somewhat loose or bent a little you can try fixing it without using warm water and simple bending it with your hands.


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