How to Fix Your Push Scooter

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How to Fix Your Push Scooter

Push scooterss have been around for over 100 years and have been successful as both a form of transportation and a children’s toy. Scooters have risen in popularity and have gone through several different development stages.

However it was in the mid-1990s where they reached the peak. Freestyle scootering took off as a sport and became a regular form of transport used in Japan. The Razor style of scooter was a global product that bypassed the term fad and became a past time.

Over time scooters have evolved into the form that we see today. These improvements have come in the fields of design and build quality. However purchasing a suitable scooter is only half the task, maintaining it correctly includes making sure it gets fixed when needed. The scooter community is ever growing and has embraced eBay as the go-to resource for parts.

Types of Scooter

Before attempting repairs or upgrades to a push scooter, users should understand the model that they own. When choosing a scooter, buyers would have taken into consideration what its overall use will be. But whether you are just riding about town or hitting the skate park maintenance is a key factor.

Most scooters at the affordable end of the scale are not designed for heavy use so their components are susceptible to damage. However those that come with a more expensive price tag are built to endure rougher conditions. The following descriptions will help users identify the type of scooter that shoppers have.

  • Folding Scooter – When looking to own a scooter that can be transported by hand, a folding scooter is considered the best option. They are constructed using a folding joint that allows for easy storage. This also allows for height adjustment of the handlebars; however this creates its own issues. Folding scooters regularly suffer joint and handlebar damage and should be operated in low impact conditions. Attempting advanced tricks on a folding scooter may void its warranty so users are advised to be careful.
  • One-Piece Scooter – Built for extreme use and is constructed out of a one-piece deck that is welded onto a neck tube. It is this form of construction that allows riders to perform advanced tricks on skate park ramps. Their durability means cosmetic wear is the only real issue to watch out for but nuts and bolts have been known to come loose over time. On rare occasions, the deck can snap under increased pressure.

It is important to understand what scooter models can and cannot do in order to not put it at risk of damage. Having such understanding will also help users spot when repairs need to be made. If still unsure about the type of scooter owned, consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact them directly in order to obtain more information.

Common Scooter Parts

Even though there are several forms of scooter available, all contain the four same key elements. These elements are all interlocked and are required to propel the push scooter in a forward motion. Users should neglect them at their peril as leaving one part damaged for an extended period of time can often cause a domino effect. The following parts are all key to a scooters performance and should be regularly checked over.

  • Wheels – Basic folding scooters come with 62mm wheels, these offer a low sense of gravity but mean the ride is unstable at best. More reputable models use 100mm plus sized wheels to ensure a sturdy ride that is resistant to bumps. If you find that your wheels are wearing out easily it may be wise to invest in a harder variation. They may suit your model better than the initial manufacturer offering and could be a wise investment.
  • Bearings – There are seven or eight miniature metal balls that feature in the centre of each wheel. Bearings come in either serviceable or non-serviceable form. If they have a metal shield they are serviceable and can be taken apart for cleaning. Owners of non-serviceable bearings have no such luxury. Bearings rarely need replacing but when they do it is an affordable and basic repair.
  • Kick Board – The deck is where riders place their feet and suffers the most impact of all push scooter parts. They range between 30cm and 40cm in length and are constructed from either aluminium or wood. Buying a replacement kick board is model specific and can be an expensive purchase so be sure to shop around for the best deal.
  • Brake – Basic in nature but pivotal to controlling the speed of a push scooter. In most cases it is a basic metal plate that will grind the back wheel to a standstill. Requires replacing when it becomes less responsive. Not fixing issues with a push scooter break puts the user at risk of injury.
  • Push scooters are far from complicated in design, which makes faults that occur simple to address. Learn about scooter parts so when errors do happen they can be easy to fix. When it comes to shopping for push scooter parts be wary of brand and part quality. Generic and unbranded parts can damage the quality of a push scooter in the long run. eBay has parts from the world’s top brands at affordable prices, this means that your scooter will be back on the road in no time.

Push Scooter Cleaning   

In order to make sure that a scooter runs well and looks great, users should clean it regularly. If dirt has built up on a scooter riders will need to take action to get it looking like new again. Even though cleaning has a largely cosmetic effect most people won’t want to be scootering around on a dirty unit. With metals being susceptible to rust and water it is important to use the right materials to get the job done properly.

  • Bucket
  • Hot Water
  • Washing-up Liquid
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Grease
  • Polish
  • Lubricant
  • Rags
  • Cloths

Avoid the typical five-minute wash that most users do in order to keep a scooter clean. Doing this does not really tackle the intricate areas of the scooter and leaves dirt in hard to reach places.

Cleaning the scooter using all the above utensils will ensure that the scooter remains in the highest order and quality. However the single rule is to never use cold water during the cleaning process, as it will do more damage than good. Cold water cleaning usually leads to rust and corrosion, which will spell the end for a push scooter.

How to Buy a Push Scooter Parts on eBay

Push scooters are fun and useful items that can provide endless hours of entertainment. Whether you are a pro user or simply using it around the garden, parts wear over time and will need replacing. eBay and their trusted sellers provide the parts mentioned in this guide at affordable prices and will help keep a scooter up and running.

eBay Shops

Scooters are a professionally raced form of transport that means the market for spare parts is large. Many scooter enthusiasts have taken to eBay shops as means to sell parts. Through this method they can list entire ranges of parts and focus their abilities on selling to a target market. In order to find eBay shops, locate the eBay shops link at the bottom of the homepage and start exploring.

Completing a Purchase

Once a buyer has located a push scooter part of interest they will need to place a bid,, make a best offer or purchase it immediately via buy it now.. Complete the checkout process via PayPal to ensure that the buyer protection program covers the order. Shoppers should take it upon themselves to learn about what eBay and PayPal do in order to protect buyers. This will help them should the unfortunate happen and the item either not arrive or arrive in a sub-standard condition.


Before bikes reached mainstream popularity among children, scooters were considered the premier form of child vehicle. Over time their popularity has fallen with BMX bikes leading the sales charts, however scooters still have a large market share and a loyal fan base.

They carry benefits that reach far beyond just entertainment as they provide users with an aerobic workout. These health benefits may not be well known but they are noteworthy. Whether you are using a scooter in a rural or urban environment, users should pay attention to parts and maintenance.

Keeping on top of a scooters condition means that its life can extend well beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. When looking to fix your push scooter make sure you head to eBay. Their variety of sellers is there to help and offer all parts need to keep a scooter running to the best of its ability,


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