How to Fix a Faulty Battery Charger

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How to Fix a Faulty Battery Charger

Mobile phone chargers are not very complicated devices, but without them, the phones people use every day are worthless. They consist of AC adapters that plug into wall sockets, long cords, and small ports with flexible prongs inside. If a mobile phone does not charge when plugged in, a number of problems could exist. Perhaps a pet chewed on the wires, or the prongs inside the ports are damaged. Regardless, owners can often repair their faulty battery chargers.


Determine the Problem

The first step is to figure out the source of the problem. Connect the mobile phone to the charger and then plug it into several different power sources to see if it starts charging. If it does not, then the problem definitely lies with the battery charger or the phone. Next, plug the battery charger into a different compatible device if one exists. Tablets, cameras, and other phones made by the same manufacturer are the most common compatible devices. After doing this, test the new device on several wall outlets again. If the device charges on all the outlets, then the issue is with the mobile phone. If the secondary device also does not charge, the problem is with the charger.


Repair a Broken or Frayed Wire

Inspect the cord to look for discrepancies. Bumps under the rubber coating could indicate broken wires underneath. Damage from a pet is usually readily visible. If frayed wires are visible, use a pair of scissors to cut away the rubber casing and expose the wires. Trim off the ends of the damaged wires and strip the casing and insulation away from them. Expose 2.5 cm of wire on each side and twist those wires together tightly before wrapping the area with electrical tape. Test the connection to see if the repair resolved the problem.


Repair Bent Prongs

If the cord is intact, the issue is possibly the connection port. Use a magnifying glass to inspect the prongs inside. Bent prongs do not connect properly with the prongs inside the phone's charging port. Use electronic tweezers to gently grab bent prongs and straighten them out. When done, connect the charger to the mobile phone to see if there is a positive connection. If it still does not work, inspect the metallic tab inside the phone's charging port to see if it is bent. Use the tweezers to straighten out a bent tab and then test the connection again.

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