How to Fix a Faulty SmartPhone

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How to Fix a Faulty SmartPhone

When your smartphone (for example, iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S7) suffers damage or begins malfunctioning, your first impulse may be to throw it away. However, there are a few simple repairs that you can do yourself if you want to keep your phone functioning and spare yourself the extra expense of purchasing a brand new one. First, learn a few tricks for fixing faulty smartphones and extending the life of your device.


Collect Supplies for Repairing a Faulty Smartphone

Any fixes to your smartphone are entirely your responsibility and void any remaining warranty on your phone. Before you begin, collect some key supplies such as a set of small screwdrivers. A PC repair toolkit usually has the right size screwdrivers for the minuscule screws in a smartphone. If you plan to replace the screen, you also need a special plastic tool to pry the screen off the phone without damaging it. You can also use it to separate other phone parts as needed.


Replace a Cracked or Broken Smartphone Screen

Purchase a replacement screen. Next, pry the old one off and then ease the new one carefully into place. Since each phone model is different, make sure that you find instructions for replacing your specific smartphone's screen.


Fix a Smartphone Headphone Jack

A headphone jack often wears out quickly due to wear and tear on specific contact points. To replace it, use your kit of tiny screwdrivers to get into the phone. Unplug the original jack from the motherboard, take it out, and insert the new jack in its place. In some cases, you may also have to disconnect the jack from the phone's speaker assembly.


Replace Smartphone Buttons

Smartphone buttons suffer daily use and eventually wear out. Look for buttons that match your phone's make and model and buy the ones that you want to replace. If your phone is hard to open, the replacement can be complex and difficult. Once you open the phone, gently remove the problematic buttons and replace them with the new ones. Since the components and internal cables are so tiny and delicate, you need to have specific instructions for your phone on hand for quick reference.


Remove Scratches from a Smartphone Screen

To minimise or remove screen scratches, scuffs, and abrasions, apply some toothpaste to a cloth and carefully smooth it onto the smartphone's screen. Use a delicate touch and circular movements and take care not to damage the screen's coating. Wipe off the toothpaste with a damp cloth and notice how the treatment minimises the appearance of scratches.

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