How to Fix the Zipper on a CP Company Jacket

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How to Fix the Zipper on a CP Company Jacket

The CP Company manufactures a line of lightweight cold weather jackets that contain a mix of cotton and nylon to enhance breathability. The jackets also include dual zippers, which provide owners with flexibility for controlling comfort. To ensure long lasting durability and to save money, owners should learn how to fix the dual zippers on a CP Company jacket.


Fixing a Zipper Split

A zipper split can cause twice the headaches on a dual zipper jacket, such as those from CP Company. To fix a zipper split, first search for objects such as a piece of cloth or thread caught between the teeth of the zipper. If the teeth stick out of the uniform zipper line, move the teeth back into line by using a pair of pliers. The slider may come apart, which means you need to use pliers to close the slider until it latches onto the teeth. With frequent use, you may find that one or more teeth drop off the zipper. You may have to take a jacket that has one or more missing teeth to a tailor or try replacing the zipper yourself when this happens.


Fixing a Zipper Pull Break

CP Company incorporates uses metals such as copper and stainless steel in its jacket zippers. However, years of heavy use can cause the zipper pull to break off, which makes it nearly impossible to move the zipper up and down the jacket. To repair a broken or missing zipper pull, use a pair of pliers to pull open the arch end that secures the pull to the zipper slider. Then, slide the broken zipper pull off and insert another pull under the arch. Ensure the pull is secure by using the pliers to close the arch. Finally, move the zipper up and down a few times to make sure the pull stays in place.


Fixing a Stuck Zipper

One or both of the zippers on a CP Company jacket may stick to the fabric on the inside or outside of the jacket. Owners can fix this problem by rubbing a graphite pencil tip on the teeth just above and below the zipper. If the zipper continues to stick, you spray a little oil-free lubricant, such as window cleaner, under the zipper and on the teeth that surround the stuck zipper. Bar soap and lip balm also do a good job of lubricating jacket teeth. Slowly push the zipper up and down until it moves freely along the teeth. You may have to re-apply lubricant when the zipper sticks to another part of the jacket teeth.

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