How to Flip (buy and sell) Pokemon cards

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Hi there, I'm Michael and have been collecting pokemon cards since the young age of 6 and recently started my own eBay account to help me with my beloved hobby. Over the past few years I have only started gathering an impressive collection of gold star pokemon cards, secret rares and psa graded cards.

In this guide I am going to tell you the easy steps to making money easily which can be saved up or in my case funding my hobby which is to add better cards to my collection.

STEP 1. Have an interest in what you do as you will spot deals better and know the market in your selected category of cards whether it be gold stars, psa graded cards, sealed old merchandise, 1st edition base set cards.

STEP 2. As in step one research what area fits you and don't spend money until you are confident you like what your going to be selling as sometimes you may be sitting on stock a while sometimes a few month, or a few years if your going to be investing in new limited edition items that are sealed and sell at a huge profit in a few years time.

STEP 3. When buying your cards it's easier to do so with more expensive and rarer cards. Example I bought a few month back a English metagross gold star for £22, the only other one on the market was at £60 so I bought up the cheap one and set mine higher at £65 with a best offer option. 3 days later an offer off £55 came in and  was now almost £30 up with profit after tax and shipping. 

STEP 4. Make sure you have lots of items listed at once so if people find one item they may check your others and will expect combined shipping meaning they can buy more items with cheaper postage,

STEP 5. Your going to buying cards regularly to keep your stock fresh, the best advice for buying pokemon cards is only buy mint condition cards and try to use auctioning. If you deal in pokemon gold stars get to know the price that a certain card will sell at, so when your by buying you can set a maximum price to retain a nice profit.

STEP 6. Never spend more than you sell eg. Sell card for £40 then go and buy £130 of stock as if it doesn't sell your £90 down. AND ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND EBAY TAX, LISTING FEE'S AND POSTAGE!

STEP 7. As this guide is about flipping items more quickly or making money quickly offer to sell worldwide as like me the uk is small so offering worldwide increases the amount of views on your items and are more likely to sell but in the emergency you have to ship to some countries you can exclude ones that will be expensive to ship to or more likely to scam you such as Somalia or other African civil war countries.

thank you a lot for reading and This is my first ever guide so I hope It either inspires you to do this, interests you to see what others are doing and I'm sure you too can make money selling these weird and wonderful cards.
, mickfenki 
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