How to Get Loads of Views on Youtube?

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Lots of people ask daily how come I have so many views on my youtube channel? To be honest a lot of it is luck if you don't have a few thousand views most people won't give your video a second chance. Its strange but if you have for example 38 views on video I won't click neither will 95% of people and thats because people assume its bad. I can see their logic, but there are ways around this, firstly add your video as a response to something you predict will gain views quickly. For example arsenal vs bolton tomorrow, if my video is relevant I can add a response to a video with this title. Lots of people will see my video and click on it. Its like a small advert but say 100,000 people want to view arsenal vs bolton on youtube, 10% may click my video. This will kickstart my video and I will start to gain attention. Its a snowball effect as people like and favourite your video their friends see this and watch it too and so on until people are sharing it online!


Make sure the video has a great title that is easy to read and looks professional, for example (Arsenal Vs Bolton [FULL HIGHLIGHTS] [HD]) without the brackets of course. DON'T make the title short make it long youtube looks at the title tags before the other tags. Don't repeat yourself in the description try to make it as long as possible using as few conjunctions as possible use as many relevant nouns as possible! Next make sure the screenshot it a good one you can choose from three so pick carefully. Finally the tags SHOULDN'T be like this (how the where arsenal etc many views) NO! this won't get listed ever, people search like this "arsenal vs bolton premier league 2011" so your tag should be that add phrases not random words!

All that is left to say is GOOD LUCK
and its quite funny because this guide will probably get like 5 views if that and I'm the one telling you how it should be done
I don't really know how ebay works

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