How to Get Pregnant with Cyclotest Baby

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Cyclotest Baby is a minicomputer (8 x 10.8 x 3.3 cm) weighing 110 grams. It is equipped with a high-precision temperature sensor which measures your morning body temperature  before you get up. Cyclotest baby features an integrated alarm clock to remind you to take your measurement before getting up.  The time you take your measurement can be up to two hours before or after the time of your previous measurement.  Cyclotest Baby then creates your individual fertility profile based on the temperature readings.

Getting pregnant with Cyclotest Baby is easy:

From the first day of your period up to the start of your non-fertile phase after ovulation, measure your basal body temperature by placing the integrated measuring censor under your tongue directly after waking in the morning (just like taking your temperature when you’re running a fever).
Afterwards, a beep will sound indicating that the measurement is complete. It is impossible to take an incorrect measurement using cyclotest baby because it’s equipped with an intelligent measurement monitor which sounds when the measurement hasn’t been successful.  When that happens, simply repeat the measurement.

After the measurement is complete, Cyclotest Baby will display your results on its screen which indicate whether you’re in your highly fertile phase and are about to start ovulating, or if you’re in your non-fertile phase.  To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you should sleep with your partner on those highly fertile days.

If you like, you can also conduct a Cyclotest ovulation test on the days when you are highly fertile.  If this test is positive, you can input the result into Cyclotest Baby and it will tell you when you will start ovulating within the next few hours.  In this way, two indicators of fertility (the change in basal body temperature and the change in hormone levels) are used to calculate the optimum fertility and pinpoint exactly when you will start ovulating.  No other device on the market includes two indicators of fertility in its calculations, therefore no other device is able to calculate ovulation as accurately as cyclotest baby.

Cyclotest Baby informs you if you are pregnant at the first possible moment.  You are able to learn of your pregnancy much sooner than other women and can therefore begin altering your lifestyle (avoiding alcohol and nicotine, etc) in order to prevent the risk of complications, especially during early pregnancy.

Cyclotest Baby also enables you to create your own personal fertility profile.  At no additional cost, Cyclotest Baby provides you with software used to create, store and print out your individual cycle curve.  This feature can be very useful if any complications or delays arise in falling pregnant.  Your gynaecologist will have a much easier time pinpointing a potential problem if your cycle curve is available.  All you need is a PC with a USB port.
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