How to Get a Better Listening Experience with In-Ear Headsets

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How to Get a Better Listening Experience with In-Ear Headsets

Headsets are one of the most frequently used electronic accessories. These headsets complement several electronic gadgets, ranging from smartphones, computers, tablet PCs, music players and the likes. Though most people identify headsets with music consumption, there are several users who use their headphones primarily for interacting with people during a phone call or when communicating online. With the market being flooded with an assortment of different headphones, in-ear headsets seem to find a special place in the hearts of many users. The tremendous features of these in-ear headsets are not the only reason for their popularity; the practicality and convenience associated with these accessories are also some of the key aspects. The small earbuds pack increased audible wallop, even compared to most of the face-melting speaker systems. Above all, this screaming set of headphones come at a much lesser price, as against the bulky and expensive home-theatre systems. Not only are they available at economical prices, the sound output generated by these headsets are quite acceptable, as well. That said, not all in-ear headsets are ideal pieces of technology. Some in-ear headsets might be preferred by a large chunk of people while there could be some who might find it extremely difficult to buy in-ear headsets of their choice and preference.

About In-Ear Headsets

Over the years, headphone makers have introduced advanced technology into these accessories and have diversified the range, quite significantly. In-ear headsets are the product of modern technology and is something that has become quite popular with youngsters. These earphones are a unique combination of the traditional ear bud types and a new ear canal technology. The accessories possess a rubber top above the earpieces that make it easy to insert them inside the ear hole. Being closer to the ear drum, these headsets provide a crystal clear listening experience to the users. For a relatively reasonable amount of money, these headsets are capable of providing a music experience that is well worth the money invested.

Enhancing the Experience

Most people gripe about or are usually disappointed with the quality of headphones that come inside the retail box of a smartphone, music player, or any other electronic gadget that comes with a headset. Ultimately, buying a high-quality in-ear headset turns out to be the only available option. Though in-ear headsets are known for their quality and practicality, these aspects might differ with brands and OEMs. There are, therefore, certain things that should be looked into when buying in-ear headsets.

Brand Consideration

Branding is not just a tag attached to a product; it gives a fair indication of the quality of the product. There are certain headset brands that are widely popular just for the sheer music-listening experience they provide to the users. These branded headsets are based on cutting-edge technology and are built as per the highest industry standards. Some are known for their high bass sound output while some others’ popularity revolves around the Dolby surround sound system. Every user has unique tastes and preferences, and the manufacturers aim to cater to every segment of the market. Branded in-ear headsets are pricey when compared to low-quality headphones; however, the tremendous build quality and music experience provided by these branded headsets justify the extra money spent on them.

Balanced Armature Driver

These drivers are small components, which is smaller even than a ball pen’s metal tip. These components come pre-installed and help enhance the sound quality of the headset. The higher the number of drivers, the better would be the sound quality.

Single Driver

These are commonly found in the basic in-ear headphones and the quality of sound generated by such headphones is fairly standard and acceptable.

Dual Driver

The two, small-sized chips enhance the performance level of the headset and raise the quality bar to a great extent.

Triple Driver

As the name suggests, the headphones with a set of three drivers take the sound quality to a completely new level. A set of three different chips included in a single headset provides a sound quality similar to a multi-channel home theatre system.

Quad Driver

The best of four, these headsets are a bit expensive when it comes to the price but are way better in terms of performance. The four chips make it a real pleasure to enjoy high-quality music or crystal clear conversation on the headsets.


Being an accessory itself, in-ear headsets do come with several performance-enhancing accessories. These add-ons, which help enhance the overall listening experience, can be easily purchased from the market. Most of these accessories are portable and can be easily connected to the gadgets and headsets, externally.


These amplifiers, which could get paired up with a gadget quite easily, are specially designed to boost the performance graph of the headsets. Multi-channel amplifiers are also available in the market to add more comfort and quality to the listening experience.

Call Controller

It is an additional jack that connects the headsets and the calling devices. It serves as an excellent accessory for headphones that do not possess call-controlling functions.

Multiple Jack Connector

The hassle of purchasing new connectors for the headsets of varied music devices can be avoided by a multiple jack connector cable. These connector cables are compatible with a wide range of modern devices or electronic gadgets.

Volume Controller Extension

The volume controller extension cable possesses an audio level controller for easy adjustment of volume and sound quality; the user need not touch their gadget to reduce or increase the volume. This feature enhances the user experience and brings in a great deal of convenience.

Additional Features

There are several features that play an important role in enhancing the overall performance of an in-ear headset. These features should be taken into consideration when buying headsets as these might help determine both the quality and durability of the headset.

Noise Isolation

This is one of the unique features of any modern in-ear headset. The noise isolation technology helps prevent any unwanted background noise from distorting the audio output that generates out of the headset. This, as a result, makes the overall listening experience noise- and distortion-free.

Wireless Connectivity

Headsets with wireless technology help the user connect the headset to the device without any cables or wires. Such Bluetooth-enabled headsets are becoming popular as the convenience factor attached to these headsets is impalpable.

Fit and Comfort

The better the in-ear headsets fit into the ears of the user, the clearer would be the overall listening experience. In-ear headsets are not perfectly built for every size requirements. It is, therefore, advised that users try them out on their ears prior their purchase so that there are no misfit issues with the headset.

Finding In-Ear Headsets on eBay

From the eBay homepage, highlight the Electronics & Technology category from the left pane and drill down to Sound & Vision sub-category. Click on the Headphones option on the left pane to view the products featured on the website. Refine the results further by moving to the Headphones option on the left pane to browse through the items under these headings. First-time shoppers with limited knowledge about in-ear headsets can also look for headsets that are specifically compatible with their gadgets. Simply refine the results by setting the appropriate Compatible Brand filter to view headset heads for the selected gadget brand. Alternatively, key in In-ear Headsets in the search text field on the eBay homepage and click on Search to get a listing of in-ear headphones featured across all categories at the site. Shoppers can either instantly buy the showcased product or bid for the same at the auction. It is important to check the seller ratings featured on eBay, verify the credibility of the seller, and make payments through the recommended PayPal service for complete the shopping process in a secure and sage manner.


Headphones are meant for people who like to listen to their music in complete privacy or without any disturbance. Finding an ideal pair of in-ear headsets is no big deal; being aware of the requirements is what that matters the most. One should look into various aspects and features of the headphone before buying the accessory. A high-quality headset not just provides sublime experience, but it also does not hurt the ears when used continuously for longer duration. Browsing at several online and offline stores would be necessary to latch onto some of the most satisfying and value-for-money deals. In-ear headsets are not something that are bought frequently or at regular intervals; it is, therefore, essential that the headset being bought is of the highest quality and worth lasting the distance.

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