How to Get ipods, Games Consoles, HDTVs and more for £5

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How this works

This is a new form of marketing created in the USA and now available to those in the UK.

Companies such as AOL Broadband, Which? Magazine, Jackpot Joy, Cahoot, Gala Bingo and LOVEFiLM pay the giveaway sites to advertise their offers.

In order to fulfill the requirements, you have to complete one of the selected offers. Therefore, the giveaway site reward you with hi- tech goodies.

By referring your friends you are providing the advertisers and the company with more business and that is why you are rewarded.

The reason that you are getting these for "free" is because the companies which advertise their offers on this sites pay for every person that you get to sign up.

For each person the company pays the networks £20-25. So For each gift you are having to get a certain number of referrals. For the xbox 360 you need 14 plus yourself makes 15.

15 X £25= £375.

This pays for the gift you are receiving plus leaves the network with a bit of money left over.

Follow these simple steps to get your gift

Step 1:

Visit (copy and paste link)

Step 2:

Choose a gift and sign up

Step 3:

Complete one of the affiliate offers

I recommend the Gala Bingo or Coral Betting as these are both £5

Step 4:

Refer the number of people needed for your gift to do the same using your unique referral link

Here are a few pictures of what I have received from Lookitsfree


How to get those referrals

We advise getting friends and family to sign up first, but be sure to read the terms and conditions first

i.e. only one account per household, one account per person etc.

Create a Website/Blog advertising your link

for more hints/tips and proof pictures visit the exceem forums (copy and paste)


Or for Apple Products visit


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