How to Get the Best From Your Window Clings

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Some simple tips to help you with your clings.

The first tip is the easiest to do! - Keep the backing card the clings came on. If you decide to take them down, and store them for another day, they can be stuck back on to the card for safe storage.
The second tip is a must! - Please clean your windows before applying the clings; no matter how clean you think your windows are. Just a little bit of dirty can prevent the plastic of the cling and glass of the window creating a lasting bond; resulting in window clings that do not stick.
Third tip: - If the clings have been applied to dirty glass, the dirty will stick to the plastic. So if you try to apply the cling to a clean piece of glass, again it will not stick. If after cleaning your windows the clings will not stick, washing them in warm soapy water will fix this problem. They can also be applied to the glass while still wet and this actually helps them stick better.
Fourth tip: - I once saw a professional window display company applying large window clings to a department store window. They where spraying the glass with something first, then applying the clings and smoothing them down, and mopping up the access liquid, with a load of paper towels. I asked what was the spay, and was told it was normal window cleaner. Apparently this creates a better bond between the plastic and glass. I don't know the science behind this, but guess it's true!
Fifth tip: - Getting them off of the backing card can sometimes be tricky. I you have long nails then put one between the plastic and backing card, this should break the bond between the plastic and the card, making them easier to peel off. A knife can also be used (please be careful) to insert in between the card and plastic if you have no nails!
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