How to Get the Most From Your Pajero

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How to Get the Most from Your Pajero

A vehicle is a major investment, so you want to get the most you can from it. This applies not only to maximising mileage and resale value, but also to enjoying its benefits. The Mitsubishi Pajero, or Mitsubishi Shogun, is ideal for leisure and off-road driving. To make the most of your SUV, focus on providing proper care and maintenance and consider adding accessories that guard against damage and increase utility.


Taking Care of Your Pajero

Although maintenance and servicing are important aspects of vehicle care, the way you drive can also affect the longevity of your Mitsubishi Pajero. Drive consistently and avoid hard braking and acceleration that speed up wear on parts. Ensure that the vehicle's tyre pressures are suitable for the type of load and road surface as per the manufacturer's instructions. Consistent driving and correct tyre pressures reduce fuel consumption and running costs. Drive your Pajero often to minimise battery problems and prevent engine component corrosion. Never ignore warning lights because they indicate that the vehicle needs attention. For example, driving after the oil pressure warning light appears can cause the engine to seize. Check your car's user manual for more details if you are unfamiliar with a specific warning light.


Pajero Maintenance and Servicing

Regularly check oil and coolant levels to ensure that they are at the levels Mitsubishi recommends. Interim and full service intervals may vary from one Pajero model to the next, so always check your vehicle's user manual for the correct service intervals. Document each service and repair because this increases the resale value of the car. An interim service typically involves checking safety features and fluid levels and replacing the oil filter, while a full service includes checking components such as the wheel bearings and the coolant system and replacing spark plugs, the fuel filter, and the air filter.


Pajero Accessories for Exterior and Interior Protection

Mitsubishi and several aftermarket manufacturers supply a variety of accessories that protect the exterior and interior of Pajeros. Decoration strips protect the side moulding on the vehicle body, and optional side protection moulding guards against damage in parking areas. Front fog lamp protectors and front headlamp protectors strengthen the front lights. Parking sensors protect against bumps and facilitate parking. Consider adding rubber mats in the front and rear of the interior to protect against stains and spills.


Pajero Accessories for Increased Utility

The Pajero is powerful and suitable for towing trailers and caravans. Consider adding a fixed or detachable Pajero tow bar with a single or 13-pin electrics kit for increased versatility. Other touring and leisure accessories include bike carriers, kayak or surfboard carriers, luggage carriers, roof bars, and ski carriers. Choose accessories suited to your favourite activities and the terrain on which you drive.

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