How to Get the Most from Your Car Subwoofers

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How to get the Most from Your Car Subwoofers

A car subwoofer gives your vehicle's sound system depth as it provides the bass sounds. You can adjust your system to get the most out of this powerful device and enjoy great music when on the road. Just follow some easy steps to adjust your speaker system and enjoy the bass sounds produced by your car subwoofers.


Set the Speaker Level

Distortion sounds, such as crunching, flapping, and crackling, destroy the speakers, subwoofers, and eardrums and interfere with the sound of the music. First, set the amplifier's gain low and play some music at increasing volume until you hear distortions, then turn the volume down until the sound is clean again. Remember this volume, as this is the maximum volume at which the receiver can still play the sounds cleanly. Then, turn the amp gain until you hear distortion and then turn it slightly down to remove the distortion. This sets the amp gain and afterwards you can turn the volume level to one that sounds comfortable to you. Even if your speaker system lacks an amplifier, you need to find the volume level that you can play without distortion to get the best bass sounds.


Tune the Subwoofer

After you have set the speaker system, you can start adjusting the subwoofer. You first need to turn your subwoofer amplifier's gain to the lowest setting. Then, switch on the low-pass filter and set the amp at its highest setting. Turn off the bass boost, if you have any, and set the remote level control in the mid-range. Set the receiver's bass tone control and bass level controls to zero or middle. Turn off the bass boost, low-pass filter, and crossover of the receiver. After all, using these filters simultaneously on both the amplifier and receiver distorts the sound. Play music through the receiver with the volume at about one-quarter. Turn up the subwoofer amp gain until the subwoofer overpowers the speakers without distortion. Adjust the sub amp's low-pass filter until mid- and high-frequency sounds disappear.


Engage the Bass Boost

Turn up the bass boost slowly, listening to the bass drum sounds. If you hear any distortion, reduce the sub amp's gain until the distortion disappears. Fine-tune the low-pass filter according to your personal taste, so it sounds dry and tight, or reverberant and loose. If you like the bass sound, turn the subwoofer's amp gain down again.


Bring It All together

Now combine all the components of the system. Turn the receiver's volume up to its distortion-free maximum. Increase the sub amp's gain until the bass sounds balance the rest of the music. If you have a remote level control or bass boost, play with it a bit until you are happy with the sound quality.

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