How to Get the Most from Your Phone Headset

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How to Get the Most from Your Phone Headset

Phone headsets make it easy to have a hands-free conversation. This is ideal if you work in an office where you need to use the phone for long periods of time, or if you simply like to multitask. Learning how to handle, clean, and store your phone headset correctly ensures that you get the most from the accessory.


Handling a Phone Headset

The most important part of handling a wireless phone headset is making sure that you do not drop the accessory. Avoid touching the microphone sensor or speaker directly because oils from your fingers may transfer to the electrical components, which can affect the sound quality of cordless phone headsets. For phone headsets with cables, the main factor to consider is how you unplug the device. Never pull it by the middle of the cable; only pull it from the base. Pulling it too quickly or too hard may loosen the wires. Ensure that the cable does not become caught on objects, such as chair armrests, because this causes unnecessary strain.


Cleaning a Phone Headset

After using a phone headset for an extended period of time, you should clean it to remove germs and dirt. Avoid using any products that contain alcohol, which dries out the cable, causing it to harden. This can lead to the cable picking up excess static. Avoid exposing the headset to water because this damages the electrical components. The best way to clean a phone headset is to use an alcohol-free germicidal wipe.


Storing a Phone Headset

Storing a telephone headset correctly ensures that it stays in good condition. For the best results, keep it stored in a place with a moderate temperature. When storing a headset for an extended period of time, place packets of silica gel around it to reduce moisture. Storing your headset in a hard case with a soft cloth interior keeps it safe from external damage. Do not wrap the cable around a corded headset because this may cause damage to both the cable and headset. Instead, gather the cable in a loose bundle and place it on top of the headset.

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