How to Get the Most from Your Pull-up Bar

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How to Get the Most from Your Pull-up Bar

A pull-up bar offers an affordable way for people to get and remain in good physical shape. The exercise equipment either secures against two sturdy objects, such as door jambs and walls, or comes as complete sets that include two weighted bases. To learn how to get the most from your pull-up bar, you should learn about the exercises that work different parts of your body.


Toning the Arms

Pull-up bars offer three different ways to work the biceps and triceps. Jumping pull-ups require you to grip the bar and jump from a standing position to clear the bar. Then, using control, slowly lower your body to the ground to prepare for the next repetition. The monkey pull-up involves hanging from the pull-up bar by one arm and pulling your body up as far as you can. Expect your arms and triceps to burn performing classic pull-ups, as you need to increase the speed of the repetitions. You can get the most out pull-ups by performing two sets of eight repetitions per set. For each of the three arm pull-up exercises, you should grip the fitness equipment with your palms facing away from you and vary your hand spacing to increase the intensity. The exercises are easier if your hands are less than 3 centimetres apart.


Firming the Abdomen

Pull-up bars provide you with several ways to firm up your abdomen. For each of the abdomen enhancement exercise, you start from a dead hang on the pull-up bar. The hanging hip knee raise starts with your feet planted on the ground. You then slowly raise your knees towards your face. Once you master the hanging hip knees raise, balance a weight on each foot, and make the same slow upward leg motion. Hanging oblique knee raises require you to rotate your body to raise your legs on the left or right side of your body. As the most difficult chin up bar exercise for the abdomen, windshield wipers involve bringing your knees close to your face, with your legs stretched straight out.


Increasing Shoulder Strength

Many novice exercisers do not understand that they can isolate the shoulder muscles by performing exercises that require the same steps as the exercises that bulk up the arms. The difference in utilising pull-up bars for shoulder exercises comes from how you position the hands and your body. For shoulder exercises, you need to space your hands out as far as possible. Your hands should grip the bars with the palm up. After you attain the right hand position, relax your body just before pulling up on the gym equipment. Arm exercises require you to produce a more rigid body frame before pulling up on the bar.

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