How to Groom Your Dog

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How to Groom Your Dog

Professional dog grooming is a luxury that many dog owners cannot afford. Some owners simply prefer to groom their dog themselves using products and tools purchased from eBay. Within the Pet Supplies category, dog grooming items are listed within the Grooming and Healthcare sub-category.

Grooming a shorthaired dog is very simple and involves little more than shampooing, brushing and drying the fur. Grooming a longhaired dog takes longer and requires more investment in products and accessories.

Preparing to Groom Your Dog

With the right preparation, your dog will enjoy the grooming experience and will be less likely to develop a nervous response to the sensation or noises associated with grooming. In particular, pay attention to preparation so that your dog is given a chance to adjust.

  • When preparing to groom a dog, ensure all material that are needed to complete the process is within arm’s length so that the dog does not have to be left alone.
  • Allow the dog to inspect the grooming equipment and sniff it; this can help to calm a nervous dog.
  • Use new tools, such as brushes, very gently, giving the dog chance to get used to the sensation.
  • Do not leave a dog unattended on a table or in a bathtub. She may try to run away, and this can cause injury or mess in the home.
  • Keep dog treats close by so that the dog can be rewarded at every stage of the grooming process.

Grooming Supplies You Will Need

The products needed before grooming include the following items. All of which can be purchased from the Grooming and Healthcare sub-category on eBay.

Dog grooming table

If the owner grooms their dog(s) often, they may wish to invest in a dog grooming table from eBay. These tables are specially designed to keep dogs at the right height for being combed and clipped. They come in a variety of sizes and may fold for storage.

On eBay, sellers frequently offer used dog grooming tables for local collection, helping to economise postage costs.


A comb with fine teeth will allow the owner to find tangles and remove clumps of dirt before bathing and grooming begins. If this stage is neglected, the fur will become matted as soon as it gets wet, so a comb is an essential accessory. Consider a matt splitter tool from eBay if the dog is longhaired.


A dog grooming brush allows for the de-tangling of a larger area of the dog’s coat in a short space of time, and it also helps to spread natural oils through the fur. On eBay, a variety of brush styles can be found, including glove brushes that the owner can use to stroke their dog with their hand. Nervous dogs often prefer this type of brush since it feels less intimidating.

If the dog loses a lot of fur, the owner may wish to search eBay for a professional de-shedding brush that removes hair from its undercoat. Longhaired dogs may also benefit from a special slicker brush that’s specifically designed to remove the undercoat and any loose fur.

Talcum powder

Talcum powder can be applied to the dog’s fur in order to dry out anything damp that is stuck to the hairs, such as mud or excrement.  Brush the talcum powder out of her coat thoroughly before bathing. Talcum powder can be found in the Home & Garden category.


Some dogs are best muzzled during grooming – particularly while their fur is being cut. Aggressive dogs bite, but so do timid dogs that are scared. If in any doubt about the dog’s tolerance to clipping or being washed, a muzzle is a good idea. The muzzle should be put on at the beginning of the process, before the dog gets wet.

On eBay, there are a variety of muzzle types, including padded muzzles and nylon muzzles. One may prefer something without fabric as this may hinder breathing and be harder to keep clean.

Products For Washing Your Dog

Once the dog is ready to be bathed, remove its collar and lift it gently into the bathtub. The owner’s personal bathtub could be used or they can purchase a special dog bathtub from eBay if they prefer to wash their dog outdoors.

The following materials will be needed to make bath time easier:

Shower attachment

There is no need to fill the bath with water for dog grooming and bathing. Instead the owner can use the shower head or a shower attachment to wash the dog with lukewarm water. Showers are advantageous because they reach parts of the body that are difficult to reach, such as under the dog’s belly.

If one does not have a shower, purchase a shower attachment from the Home & Garden category on eBay.

Bath mat

Place a mat in the bottom of the bathtub. This stops the tub from being scratched by your dog’s claws, and the extra grip will make her feel safer.


For the dog’s wellbeing, it is a good idea to put her on a lead while she is in the bath. Some leads come with suction cups that help you to anchor the lead onto the side of the bath. Do not leave your dog unattended once on the lead near water.


You may wish to place a veterinary style collar around your dog’s neck while she is in the bath. This will ensure suds stay away from her eyes and will discourage her from shaking the water off her coat. Veterinary collars are often listed on eBay when owners no longer need them.


Choose a large jug that you can easily manoeuvre in the bathtub. A slim plastic jug is ideal since it can be placed in the dishwasher and won’t break if accidentally dropped in the bath.


It is easier to pour diluted shampoo over the dog, rather than squirting shampoo directly onto her fur. This will feel more comfortable and is less likely to irritate her skin; it is also easier to rinse away after lathering. If you need to use shampoo near the eyes, purchase a bottle of baby shampoo from eBay.


Dogs with very long coats benefit from a specially formulated conditioner that will prevent painful knots and tangles. Shorthaired dogs are unlikely to need conditioner.


Never pour water into the dog’s ears or eyes. Instead, use gentle wipes to clean these sensitive areas. On eBay, you may see these listed as aloe vera wipes, or pet cleansing wipes.

Ear cleaner

If your dog’s ears are dirty and wipes are not helping, ear cleaner may help to soothe the area and rid the dog’s ears of wax. Check with a vet if the condition does not improve.

After Bathing Your Dog

When the water from your dog’s fur runs completely clear, it is time to remove the dog from the bath and finish the grooming process. This may include drying the dog, trimming her fur and dealing with overgrown nails.


Buy a towel on eBay and use it exclusively on your dog. Take special care to dry the paws, particularly between the toes, so prevent fungal infection.

Hair dryer

If you have a longhaired dog, you may need a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. You may prefer to purchase a dryer just for dog grooming; specialised dog hairdryers can be purchased on eBay, although a standard hairdryer is usually more affordable. If you decide to use an ordinary model, choose a hair dryer with a variable heat setting and use cool or warm air – never hot. It is still best not to completely dry the coat as this may dry out your dog’s skin and may lead to rashes and itching.

Claw trimmers

A dog’s claws can be trimmed back to the quick – the vein that runs down the inside of the claw. There are a variety of products for this purpose, including mechanical claw clippers and battery powered revolving nail files such as the Pedi Paws nail trimmer. If your dog’s claws are pale in colour, you will be able to see the quick easily. If they are dark, you may wish to ask a dog groomer or vet help with this part of the job.


Both clippers and replacement blades can be purchased on eBay; popular brands include Wahl and AGC. While using clippers, you should regularly press your fingers against the metal parts to ensure they do not get hot. Clipper burns are extremely painful and may traumatise your dog, making it difficult for her to accept being groomed in the future.


On eBay, different scissors are available for different grooming tasks like thinning. You can purchase scissors individually or as a set. It is wise to buy round-tipped scissors for trimming areas on the face and paws so that you won’t accidentally hurt your dog if she moves quickly.

Clipper oil

Clipper oil is an inexpensive accessory for dog hair clippers. Simply apply the oil to the clipper blades to protect them and prevent the clipper becoming snagged in the dog’s fur. On eBay, clipper oil can be purchased in large packs for significant savings.

How to Buy Dog Grooming Accessories on eBay

When you have all of the tools you need to groom your dog, you may still need additional accessories, replacement parts and complimentary items, such as dog treats.

  • Purchase items from sellers willing to combine postage on multiple purchases.
  • Buy frequently used items, such as shampoo or clipper oil, in bigger, more economical packs.
  • Look for free postage, particularly on heavy items like grooming tables and bathtubs, or check whether the item can be collected.
  • If purchasing used dog grooming products, ask your seller if he or she will provide a guarantee.
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