How to Identify Fake Friends complete series dvd boxset

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This is a very short guide on how to spot fake "Friends complete series 1-10" dvd boxset from originals. The purpose of this guide is to help buyers out there being scammed.

There's a lot of fake boxsets out there, some are really imports and some are not, people claim they sell originals and not copies, and it has been well done.
As many of you I wanted to buy a whole boxset of all 10 series and of course I looked for a good price; I checked on the seller feedback and everything looked fine, and I tried to assure a good transaction. To my surprised the boxset arrived in no time and I got quickly a call from customs as I had to pay for import taxes (which I already new) but when the officer asked me to open the box in front of them, i found a very weird unpleasant surprise, the boxset, in the front said: FRIENDS with the WB symbol on top and underneath it read: SPECIAL COLLECTER'S EDITION  do you see anything wrong with this?
Yes it was a counterfait, collector's edition read collecter's. That was the first sign there was something wrong. I had to leave the box there as they could not enter the country and pray that the seller would give me my money back.
This Asian Import was never such, I was told later by customs that most fake copies come from Asia, some as mine, some other read: COLLECTED EDITION and that one is also a fake.
So always check the pictures when you're buying, and be very careful with asian imports.
Also with imports, as some people do not display pictures of the real item, that's sometimes another reason to be suspicious.
If you have doubts ask, don't hesitate in asking for more pictures or more details of the boxset!

Most copies come in the infamous silver boxset with the yellow booklets w/dvds inside. Make sure you're not being ripped off!
Hope this helps you!

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