How to Identify Genuine Gold,Silver,Bronze Sim Numbers

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I thought it was about time to provide a little information as to the authenticity of so called "Gold, Silver, Bronze" Status mobile phone Sim cards, as it seems quite apparent to me, that quite a lot of sellers on eBay, are purely ms-labeling their ads to advertise standard issue Sim Card Numbers, that in some cases hardly hold any value whatsoever.

To keep it cheap & cheerful, I shall use examples of Silver & Gold Status numbers, as these will be more or less the most common type of Sim Cards that would generally be within price brackets that most people could afford to splash the cash out on.

Please also note, that memorable numbers are purely based on the individuals needs, IE, the number may include their year of birth IE 07737 221977, where the 1977 portion of this number would be the year they were born in, and therefore will hold some sort of value to the individual more so then another.

With that said, a Genuine Silver Status Sim Card Number would ideally look something similar to the following:

07849 493635 - That would be the usual way a phone number would be written (That is should the owner not wish to make such a statement in the fact that they do actually possess a Genuine Silver Status Sim Card Number)

This number would typically be found advertised on eBay in the following layout : 078 49 49 3635 or 078 49 49 36 35
The main value factor of this number will be the 49 49 portion. Although it is not followed by 36 36, the, but rather 36 35, this number fails to fall in to the "Gold" Status category of Mobile Sim Card Numbers.

Simply put, anything less then a pair of matching digits together or separated by a digit, is not considered to be a genuine based Silver Status Mobile Phone Sim Card Number.

Genuine Gold Status Sim Card Numbers are numbers that look something like : 07744 222222 or 077 88 33 22 11
These are easily identifiable, as these types of numbers have matching paired digits throughout both area code & main portion of the mobile phone number.

Platinum Status Numbers would cost your a bomb, simply put! you would spot one of these a mile off, as they would appear in a similar form as follows: 07777 777777 or 07999 999999

There will always be a variation of what is a "Genuine" Silver or Gold Status number, but will generally fall within the formats listed above.

Don't get ripped off on a Sim Card worth 99p!!
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