How to Identify real .925 sterling silver from fake silver

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Sterling Silver is a alloy made up of 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is usually made up of

copper. Its Popular as a metal used for making decorative items and jewellery. Sterling Silver

Gets mixed with copper (or other metals maybe used), to help slow down the process of oxidization

(tarnish), pure silver tarnishes much quicker going dull brownish in colour. Also Pure Silver is

very soft and bends and breaks easily adding another metal to the mix ensures that your jewellery

will last long. It also makes the silver more durable and makes the metal easier to work with when

making necklaces, rings and pendants which benefits the metal-smith, jewellers or craftsman that

are working with the silver.




There are a few ways in which you can tell if the item that you have is the real deal and

not a fake cheap replica


1. The first way you can test it is by using a magnet silver is non magnetic so there for if

it is pulled to the magnet there for the item is not .925 sterling silver.


2. This way is buy using chemicals and there are risks as it is toxic and dangerous. you add a

drop of nitric acid if it turn to a creamy colour it is sterling silver, fakes will turn a orange

colour due to the amount of copper that is present.


3. This test is going off weight, if you have a item of sterling silver jewellery of the same size and design eg. a chain, if they are the same weight then that’s a indication that it is sterling silver, but with this method it is not guaranteed.


4. Look over the item of jewellery for a hallmark, on chains it will most likely be on the

clasp or on the first link of the chain, on rings it is most often stamp on the inside of the band.


5. This test is another simple but effective one us a piece of soft cloth that is light in

colour, real silver will oxidise when it has been exposed to oxygen, so when you wipe it with the

piece of cloth it will leave a black mark behind, if there is no mark then chances are it is a fake






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