How to Identify the Screw Head

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Ensuring the right accessory is used clearly means having to identify the screw head. Our concern here is not about the actual shape such as whether it is counter sunk, raised head, roundhead or bugle head. Of prime importance is correctly establishing which drive recess (the part of the head where the driver bit fits) is present. It may be slotted, Phillips, PZ pozi/prodrive, T-Star or Torx and may even be a hex or hexagonal socket head.
Safe & Efficient Screwdriver Bits
The challenge is to deliver maximum efficient torque safely and efficiently. The type of screw selected will have a major impact and the right match to the material/substrate is highly important, but getting the right bit is equally critical.
The drive recess type and its size must be carefully determined. Ideally, an exactly matched bit is recommended to prevent driving problems and shortened tool life. Driver bits must touch the "wings" or edges of the recess, but not the bottom for best grip so that the screw can be driven most effectively, quickly and straight.
Choosing the Correct Size
If oversized or undersized, then potentially dangerous or at least surface damaging cam-out can occur or time wasting rounding of the recess.
Bits have type and size markings so ascertaining what you need is easy whether PZ 1, T30 or any other. It is worth getting an extensive bit set containing all of the most popular size and shape variants.
Special screws or difficult applications may not just require corresponding shape and size, but a higher performance bit or bit holder. Grip into drive recess can be enhanced through laser etching or microscopic diamond particle embedding and, even greater torque obtained without increasing effort through a "dual torsion" combination such as that offered by Wera.
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