How to Improve Your Cars Suspension and Steering with Shock Absorbers/Dampers on eBay

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How to Improve Your Car's Suspension and Steering with Shock Absorbers/Dampers on eBay

In the early days of the automobile, drivers and passengers could feel every rut and bump in the road because first generation car models had basic suspension systems that lacked the ability to steady a car's drive. Modern cars have advanced suspension and steering systems, which are improved by the use of shock absorbers and dampers.. As an added benefit, shock absorbers and dampers also increase fuel efficiency and braking. Modern cars include shock absorbers and dampers when they are sold, but car owners need to replace shock absorbers and dampers once a car is driven a certain number of kilometres. Owners may be motivated to change their shock absorbers and dampers before driving a certain distance as well, if the owner prefers more stability while driving.

To find a wide range of shock absorbers and dampers for different car makes and models, buyers can visit eBay.. To get the most out of an eBay experience, buyers of shock absorbers and dampers should do some preparation before shopping, which entails understanding the difference between shock absorbers and dampers, how dampening units work, the types of units available, and how to install the units once they are purchased.

Difference between Shock Absorbers and Dampers

When buyers begin researching shock absorbers and dampers, they can become confused about the distinction between these two auto parts. Both shock absorbers and dampers are employed in a car's suspension system to moderate changes in steering, braking, and driving stability. To make matters worse, some car specialists call shock absorbers "suspension dampers", which can lead buyers to believe shock absorbers and dampers are the same auto part.

Among car care specialists, there is a lot of debate over the correct classifications of shock absorbers and dampers. Some car experts assert that a damper is a unit that is typically filled with compressed gas, which works with springs within a car's suspension to increase stability when the car is being operated. A shock absorber, on the other hand, is an auto part component that includes dampers and springs to stabilise a car. Other experts disregard the belief that there is a mechanical difference between shock absorbers and dampers and assert that they are the same parts that are simply referred to with different names.

When shopping on eBay, buyers can identify the shock absorbers and dampers they need by focusing on the make and model of their cars when performing their eBay searches. Manufacturers refer to shock absorbers and dampers for their models using consistent terms, which helps buyers identify the correct products to purchase.

How Shock Absorbers and Dampers Work

A car's suspension system connects to a car's frame, steering system, and tyres to withstand the dynamic shocks that a car experiences while it is in motion. To do this, a car's suspension system employs a network of springs and dampers. These dampers include shock absorbers, struts, and anti-sway bars. For a shock absorber to work, it must increase the stability of a suspension system's springs by transforming the kinetic energy of vertical or horizontal movement into heat energy. Heat energy is then dispersed through hydraulic fluid, causing stabilisation within the suspension springs that are connected to a car's shock absorbers.

Types of Shock Absorbers and Dampers

To understand how different models of shock absorbers and dampers can transform kinetic energy, buyers should become familiar with the three basic types of shock absorbers. Each type of shock absorber employs a unique construction design to stabilise a car's suspension.

Types of Shock Absorbers and Dampers


Air shock absorbers

Utilises an air chamber to provide a stiff absorption of shocks while oil is pumped into a shock absorber


Allows oil to remain in the inner tube of the unit until instability forces oil into the outer tube of the unit, creating a steady movement

Spring shock absorber

Fluid-filled springs are activated when a car experiences instability, increasing the cushion that a shock absorber provides

Car manufacturers release car models that include specific types of shock absorbers and dampers. eBay buyers who want to change the types of shock absorbers and dampers on their cars can purchase alternative aftermarket products that third-party companies produce. These products have connections that correspond to a car manufacturer's components, but provide different types of shock absorbing units.

Installing Shock Absorbers and Dampers on Cars

eBay offers buyers their pick of shock absorbers and dampers, as well as the tools that they need to change their dampening units themselves. When buyers purchase any shock absorber, damper, or electric tool items on eBay, they should read the manufacturer's instructions on how to best use the items before attempting to operate them. This increases the safety and success rate of an installation.


To change shock absorbers and dampers, buyers generally follow a series of steps. The first step in changing shock absorbers or dampers is positioning a car in a well-lit area that has a flat surface. Accessing shock absorbers or dampers can be difficult, so car owners should consider purchasing lifting tools,, like car ramps or jack stands, from eBay to raise their cars. Shock absorbers and dampers are typically located behind the tyres of a car, so car owners should remove the wheels of a car to gain greater access to the shock absorbing units.

Removing Old Units

Shocks can be attached to a car's components with either vertical or horizontal bolts. These bolts need to be removed from the old shocks to release the shocks from their position under a vehicle. If the bolts of the old shock absorbers or dampers are corroded with rust, car owners can search on eBay for rust-penetrating spray lubricants to loosen the bolts. Using a socket and rachet, turn the bolt until it is completely removed from the car's frame.

The next step in the process is disengaging the shock absorbers or dampers from their upper attachment point. In some cases, car owners find that the upper attachment point twists as an owner tries to release the dampening unit. This can be remedied by holding the attachment firmly while twisting the connection located on the shock unit. Once the attachment is disconnected, owners can pull the shock absorbers or dampers down and away from a car.

Attaching a New Shock Absorber or Damper

The old dampening unit can give car owners some vital information about installing their new units. To take advantage of this and save installation time, car owners should visually compare the old unit to the new before attempting installation. Car owners can locate all of the attachment points on a new unit and determine the orientation of the unit by contrasting it with the old unit. Once car owners are certain of the method of installation, they can position themselves under the car to begin the installation.

The top of the dampening unit is installed first. Car owners should refrain from tightening connectors too tightly at this stage, in case the unit needs adjustment. Next, the bottom of a unit is bolted in place. In some cases, the unit needs to be compressed to fit into the space allowance available for a unit. When a unit is properly in place, all of the connectors can be tightened to install the unit permanently.

Testing New Shock Absorbers and Dampers

The best way to test new shock absorbers and dampers is to drive a car while paying attention to certain issues. A car with new shock absorbers or dampers should have increased steering control and suspension response. If a car's steering or suspension are not responding well, the new shock absorbers or dampers need adjustment. Additionally, any noise emanating from the wheel wells of a car indicates that the dampening unit needs fine-tuning.

Buying Shock Absorbers and Dampers on eBay

eBay carries a wide selection of shock absorbers and dampers from well-known car manufacturers and aftermarket producers like KYB,, Monroe, Quinton Hazell, Bilstein, and Kilen.. Because shock absorbers and dampers are placed on every wheel of a car, buyers should make sure that they purchase the right car placement for a dampening unit if only one unit is replaced on a car. If a car is in need of a complete shock-absorbing overhaul, eBay buyers can find sets of shock absorbers and dampers on eBay. Compatibility is an issue when using aftermarket dampening units, so buyers should look within the product listings of potential eBay purchases for a list of compatible car models. Additionally, shock absorbers and dampers on eBay can be in both new or used conditions. Gaining access to eBay's shock absorber and damper offerings is a simple process that begins with registering for an eBay account. Once an account is established, buyers can use search terms, like "Sachs BMW shock absorber&", to locate relevant items.


Shock absorbers and dampers play an essential role in stabilising a car as it is being driven over rough terrain and manoeuvred around obstacles. To help keep a ride steady, car owners are advised to change their shock absorbers and dampers on a regular basis. Keeping well-functioning shock absorbers and dampers attached to a car's wheels decreases a car's fuel consumption, in addition to increasing its braking ability. Buyers searching for replacement shock absorbers and dampers can visit eBay, which supplies a wide assortment of dampening unit models. Having a solid grasp of the mechanics behind the construction of shock absorbers and dampers aids buyers in making an informed eBay purchase. Different types of shock absorbers and dampers are manufactured by makers, so buyers should identify which type of shock absorbers and dampers can provide the performance that a buyer requires after the unit is purchased from eBay. Installing shock absorbers and dampers is a straightforward process that generally requires basic hand tools. Fortunately, eBay carries the essentials that can help car owners install shock absorbers and dampers with minimal fuss.

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