How to Improve the Exterior Styling of Your Car With Quality Spoilers on eBay

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How to Improve the Exterior Styling of Your Car With Quality Spoilers on eBay

Car spoilers have a dual purpose: They are used to increase vehicle speed by increasing the friction of the airflow while driving, and they are meant to improve the aesthetics and add style to cars as well. Most spoilers that are common are actually not drag race specific; they are simply there to enhance the way cars look by adding a sporty look. There are two types of spoilers for cars which are seen on eBay; the first and most common are rear spoilers which are placed above boots of cars or the roofs. The second is front spoilers which attach to the fronts of cars, though these are not seen as frequently as rear spoilers.

For consumers who want to add a trendy look to any automobile, adding spoilers is a simple and easy way to do that without compromising the integrity or overall look of the automobiles. Luckily, buyers can find quality spoilers from a vast array of selections on eBay. Purchase a car spoiler based on model and make of a car, and based on which style of spoiler is the most desirable.

Find the Right Spoiler by Car Make on eBay

When you are shopping on eBay for a spoiler for your car, the easiest way to browse spoilers that fit your particular type of car is to shop by car make. Once you have used the search bar to enter the terms of your search, such as "spoilers", and narrowed the categories to the right one, you will see a list of car makes to choose from.

Tailor your search by narrowing the makes down to the proper type of car you have, so the spoiler you buy properly fits and enhances your car's style. Some makes of cars which offer spoilers to purchase on eBay are BMW, VW, Honda, Audi, and Ford. Once you have selected the make of the car you are buying the spoiler for, you can shop by model and colour of spoilers, though some spoilers may be unpainted, so you can customise the one you choose at your discretion to further enhance your vehicle as you wish.

Shop by Spoiler Model

Once you have selected the make of spoiler you are looking for, you can then shop by model. This is important because different models of spoilers fit cars differently, and you need the proper spoiler model to ensure an exact and stylish fit. The model denotes the car's model, such as a Ford Fiesta, Mazda GT, or Mercedes Coupe.

Buying the exact model and make of spoiler is the easiest way for a custom fit. Select the spoiler model once you have chosen the make to be sure your options are even more specific and relevant. Then you can decide if you want a spoiler which is unpainted or one which already matches the exterior of your car, to make installation even easier.

Select by Spoiler Manufacturer

If you are a car aficionado who knows a lot about car parts, you may have a particular manufacturer in mind when you are looking for the right spoiler. Some manufacturers that you will see when you are shopping for a spoiler on eBay include 3M, Heko, Alpina, and AC Schnitzer. You can easily narrow your search by manufacturer when you are searching for a car spoiler on eBay, or you can type in a specific search and tailor the search from there, such as 3M spoilers.

Manufacturers may vary in price according to the quality of the spoilers or what kind of vehicle they are made for, and some may be better known than others. Pick a manufacturer based on your own experiences and according to which model and make of vehicle you are buying the spoiler for. Some manufacturers, like 3M, specialise in a certain type of spoiler, such as a front bumper spoiler chin lip.

Pick the Placement of a Quality Spoiler to Improve Your Car's Style

Before you decide to start looking for a spoiler, it makes the search a lot easier and less time consuming if you decide where you want the spoiler placed on the car. Most cars look great with rear spoilers, but some cars lend themselves better to front spoilers. Once you have done a general search using eBay's home page for car spoilers, you can then choose whether to solely look at rear or front spoilers for your car.

Front Spoiler Details

Front spoilers differ from rear spoilers quite a bit, and add a sports car vibe to vehicles. Front spoilers are a little more understated and sometimes easier to install than rear spoilers by simply adhering to the front of the cars with strong, special automotive tape. Stick-on front spoilers can even be adjusted to fit cars by cutting them to the size needed. They can also protect bumpers from getting scratched.

Rear Spoiler Details

Rear spoilers, conversely, must be installed with a drill and screws. Rear spoilers are a more permanent addition and also stand out a bit more. Rear spoilers are made of fibreglass, polyurethane, or high-quality plastic, and look like fins on the back of cars. Some spoilers for the rear even have additional features such as lights. And some rear spoilers look like small wings. Pick the right rear spoiler for you based on how you want your car to look and what type of colour is right for you, as well as the spoiler style, which can vary.

Types of Spoilers

When it comes to spoilers, there is not just one kind. Depending on your own personal style as well as where you want the spoiler to be placed, there are some different options to choose from to create a unique aesthetic for your vehicle that adds class, fun, and style.

Front Spoiler

Rear Spoiler

Chin or front lip

A rear lid spoiler is installed on the edge of the boot

An adhesive spoiler offers scratch protection

A spoiler mounted higher up on top of the car is sometimes referred to a wing or a racer wing

A front bumper spoiler gives a sports car look to a bumper

A duck tail spoiler has a duck tail or fin shape for a drag racing look

There are even some types of spoilers that are designed to look like factory spoilers and look exactly like spoilers which are sold on models of existing vehicles. Essentially you can turn your sedan into the sporty version of the same car with a factory style spoiler. It is created to look like it came with your car originally.

Buying a Quality Spoiler on eBay for Your Car

Buying a spoiler for your car on eBay ensures that you get a great price for a spoiler to enhance the exterior of your car. Purchase your spoiler from a Top-rated seller with excellent feedback for the most satisfying buying experience. Spoilers range from large fins atop cars to more subtle extensions of roofs. It is really all about aesthetics when you are purchasing the right spoiler. Shopping by car make and model or spoiler manufacturer is the easiest way to find exactly what you are looking for.

Talk to the seller by clicking the "Ask A Question" button, and see if you can alleviate shipping by picking the spoiler up in person. This allows you to see what it looks like face to face and ask the seller any questions about installation or how the spoiler should be placed on your automobile. It also provides you with a one-on-one personalised shopping experience that you cannot get on another website. If you are looking for a way to update your car without completely changing the way it looks and you do not have a ton of money to spend, investing in either a rear or a front spoiler is the simplest and most fun solution to add some style to your car's exterior and make a trendy statement.


Car spoilers come in a variety of styles, and there is a perfect match for your car; you just have to find it. Shopping on eBay makes looking for the right spoiler easy, and even if you are an eBay beginner you will find the site user-friendly and simple to navigate. Shop for a spoiler based on style, make, or model, and make sure that you have the necessary equipment to install your rear spoiler, such as a handy spoiler installation kit or a drill and some screws. These items may or may not accompany your spoiler, so ask the seller when you purchase it if any equipment or tools that will help you complete the installation of your spoiler comes with it.

Compare spoilers by price, and if you are buying a used spoiler, make sure you see a lot of images of it before purchasing. Also ensure that it is in great shape, has no scratches or dents, and is exactly what you are looking for. Adding a spoiler to your car is a fun way to change the look of your car without spending a lot of money, or to update an older car with a newer, sportier addition such as a rear or front spoiler. Of course, a spoiler offers a function as well, such as adding stability to a vehicle while driving.

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