How to Install a Door Bar

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How to Install a Door Bar

When it comes to completing the look of a room, the small details matter as much as the big pieces of decor. Door bars keep carpets in place, and they come with excellent aesthetic benefits. From laminate door bars with plenty of shine to oak installations that feature rich tones, door bars are relatively easy to install. With the right measurements, careful screwing, and gentle carpet fitting, it is possible to install a door bar that lasts for years while looking great.


Measure the Door Bar's Length

The first way to measure a door bar involves placing a door bar strip against the doorway and using carpenters' pencils to mark where to cut. This method works well with wood door bars because the pencil marks are easy to see, but it does not work well with metal door bars. The second method involves simply measuring the width with a measuring tape and then cutting door bars accordingly.


Cut the Door Bar

With the right measurements in hand, users can cut the door bars using a hacksaw. When using any type of hand saw, it is best for the blade to be as sharp as possible. Blunt edges lead to rough cuts that could impact the look of the door bar and the entire room. This is especially important when cutting an oak door bar, which requires more strength than softer types of wood.


Secure the Door Bar in Place

Most door bars feature little adhesive strips on the back. It is necessary to remove these strips before securing them in place. It may take a couple of practice attempts to make sure the fit is right. After removing the adhesive strip and securing the door bar in place, the installer can use a pencil to mark the spots for the screws. A hand drill is necessary to start the holes for the screws. After double checking the screws' placement, the installer must tighten them for a safe, secure fit. Tougher door bars, such as tile door bars, often come with screw holes already in place.


Fit the Carpet

Most people install door bars before adding new carpet to their homes. If that is the case, they should fit the carpet as soon as possible after adding the door bars. To do so, they extend the carpet to the door thresholds and reserve around 6.5 mm to place under it. When laying the carpet, this 6.5 mm goes beneath the bar and uses a sealant to keep it in place. The sealant should dry fully before heavy traffic moves through the room.

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