How to Install a TV Card in Your Desktop

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How to Install a TV Card in Your Desktop

Installing a brand-new TV viewing card in a home desktop seems daunting at first for those unaccustomed to working on their own machine. All desktop PCs models vary somewhat from those developed by other brands, and if your desktop was custom-built, its interior structure and components may not match those of any other machine on the market. However, in any desktop computer, the basic elements are the same, so you should be able to navigate the system well enough to successfully install your TV tuner card.


Prepare the Workspace and the Desktop

Find a clear space in which to work. To maintain a safe environment for your computer's sensitive internal components, use a conductive pad and an anti-static wrist strap to eliminate unwanted electrostatic discharges. Make sure that the room has hard flooring rather than carpet. If there is a TV card currently in the machine, uninstall the old software drivers from your PC before you put in the new card. Then shut down your computer, unplug it, and take the case to the work area that you have prepared. If a set of installation instructions came with the TV card, read through those guidelines before starting the process.


Open the Desktop PC

Next, identify how your desktop case opens. Most units open from the side. Using a screwdriver, take out all the screws holding the side panel in place, keeping the screws neatly arranged in order so that you can put them back in easily after the TV tuner card is in place. Slide off the side panel, taking care not to cut yourself on any sharp metal edges.


Remove the Old TV Card

If there is a tuner card already inside your desktop PC, use the cables on the back of your machine as a guide to identify where it is. Disconnect it, making a careful notation of the way it was hooked up. Usually a single screw secures the tuner card, so take that screw out before sliding the TV card from its slot.


Insert the New TV Card

Put the new TV card into the same spot that the original card occupied. If you had no card in the machine previously, choose any empty slot or use the instructions that came with the card as a guide for placement. Connect the cables associated with the card in the correct configuration and secure the assembly with a retaining screw. Replace the side panel of the desktop PC and put all the screws back in where you found them. After that, you are ready to install the software and drivers that came with your new card. Once the drivers are in place, your TV tuner card is ready to use.

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