How to Iron Large Tablecloths and Sheets

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I have been collecting vintage linens for a number of years and selling them for the past 5 years here on eBay and thought it might be of some assistance to others to share a tip when trying to iron really large tablecloths or other large textiles .

Have you ever tried to iron a really long or large tablecloth only to find the first bit that you ironed has been crunching itself up on the floor and re-creased itself by the time you get to the other end of the cloth and each time you re-iron the creased side the other side has re-creased again!! its so annoying! well I have a tip for you.

You will need a large area to work in with plenty of room to set up your ironing board and then get yourself a decorators pasting table and set this up at the end of your ironing board ~ use one that's never been used for decorating as otherwise you may get your lovely clean linen dirty!  as you iron your linen pull the ironed side over onto the pasting board then this will prevent it getting all creased up again by the time you've finished and hey presto! 

If you have a room that's long enough you can even use more than one pasting table. If you are going to sell this item and need to photograph it you may need someone to help you carry it carefully to your photographing site whether it be a bed or table.

Hope this guides helps in some way Caroline xx
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