How to Keep Your Baby Warm in its Pram

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Safety and comfort are important when you take your baby for a walk in a pram, whether you are visiting friends or strolling through the local park. Winter often means rain, snow, and driving wind, so keeping your little one protected from the elements is crucial. Before choosing accessories, learn about the top 10 products to keep your baby safe in a pram during the winter months. You can find these products at a variety of bricks and mortar retailers, including baby and accessory shops, department stores, and online from marketplaces such as eBay.
1 Elli and Raff Pram Blanket
Elli and Raff Pram Blanket

The Elli and Raff range of baby accessories includes a pram blanket made of super soft polyester that provides warmth and comfort. It comes in neutral colours and features embroidered images of Elli the elephant and Raff the giraffe. The pram blanket is machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius and you can tumble dry it on low heat.


2 JJ Cole Bundleme
JJ Cole Bundleme

The original JJ Cole Bundleme iis a footmuff with a faux shearling inner and soft thermaplush outer for maximum warmth and comfort. It has a removable top to make temperature control easy. The machine washable footmuff is available in a range of neutral colours, such as grey and brown, as well as some brighter hues, such as pink.


3 Dandelion Unisex Bunny Cotton Pram Suit

The Dandelion UUnisex Bunny Cotton pram suit, or snowsuit,, is suitable for premature babies and little ones up to 6 months old. It is made of slightly padded 100 per cent cotton featuring a cute applique bunny, and is lined with 100 per cent cotton. It opens at the front and under the legs so it is easy to put on and remove. You can machine wash and tumble dry this garment.


4 Rough Terrain Wheels
Rough Terrain Wheels

The standard wheels on a pram may not be suitable for moving through snow, ice, mud, and uneven terrain. Replacement wheels are readily available and buyers should consider upgrading to all terrain wheels,, which are more robust, to avoid accidents.


5 Dandelion Unisex Knitted Baby Jacket
Dandelion Unisex Knitted Baby Jacket

The Dandelion unisex knitted jacket is suitable for babies from 0 to 9 months old. It is made of acrylic and features a double-layered construction for extra warmth. You can machine wash and tumble dry this garment on a gentle heat.


6 Grobag Button Rose Baby Sleep Bag
Grobag Button Rose Baby Sleep Bag

The Grobag Button Rose baby sleep bag is made of soft 100 per cent cotton jersey fabric. It has a cotton interlock outer and super-soft cotton jersey lining. The sleep bag has shoulder and underarm poppers, as well as a side and bottom zip. You can machine wash and tumble dry this sleep bag; its 2.5-tog polyester filling is quick drying.


7 Mummy Mitts
Mummy Mitts

Mummy Mitts attach to the handle of a pram and stay in place when you remove your hands. This eliminates the need to fully release the pram to pull off gloves when you have to attend to your baby's needs. These polyester pongee and fleece mitts are warm, weatherproof, comfortable, and durable.


8 Baby Balaclavas
Baby Balaclavas

Baby balaclavas keep the ears, head, and neck warm and are more secure than a hat and scarf. They are ideal for days where the wind-chill factor is particularly high. If babies feel claustrophobic while wearing balaclavas, then choose a hat.


9 Proviz Buggy Lights
Proviz Buggy Lights

Proviz sspecialises in high-visibility sporting accessories. Its buggy lights are small, flexible LEDs that clip onto the frames of most buggies to offer maximum visibility at dusk or in rainy weather.


10 Steady Cup Holder

A steady cup holder can make your outings relatively fuss free. Look for a holder with a robust design that can withstand some tugging and curiosity from your baby. A model suitable for a cup or bottle is more versatile than a standard cup holder.


How to Buy Products to Keep Your Baby Safe in a Pram During the Winter Months on eBay

eBay sellers offer a wide selection of products to keep your baby safe in cold weather. To find what you need, use the search field that you can access from every page. Simply type a phrase, such as " pram accessories" or " buggy accessories", into the field to see the items tagged with the keywords. Narrow your search results by choosing the most appropriate item features. Winter weather can be treacherous and may cause sniffles and coughs. Be prepared for the cold weather with the right baby blankets, clothing, and accessories.
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