How to Keep Your Buster Comics in Excellent Condition

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How to Keep Your Buster Comics in Excellent Condition

The famous comic series known as "Buster" ran from 1960 to 2000 and generated many fans along the way. It followed the humorous string of adventures of a teen boy, as he blundered his way through adolescence. To ensure your vintage comics are still a valuable collection years later, handle them with care and practice proper storage methods.


Handle Buster Comics with Clean Hands

Comic books are mass produced and not meant to be high-quality printed publications. Because of this, they are delicate and need proper maintenance. Before touching or handling any issue, wash your hands thoroughly. Oils and dirt on the surface of the skin easily rub off onto the pages and build up over time. However, you do not need to go as far as wearing gloves, but do make sure your hands are dry and clean before thumbing through the pages.


Bag and Board Each Individual Buster Comic

After reading your Buster comics or purchasing to include in a collection, you need to store them safely. Practice proper comic book storage practices and put each individual issue in a separate Mylar or polypropylene comic bags along with an acid-free board. The bags often have a sticky strip at the top to help seal out dust and debris, but keep in mind that moisture could still get in. Made specifically for comic books, comic boards often come with the bags and keep comics flat. Folded or bent comics lose quite a bit of their value.


Store Buster Comics Properly

Even after placing your beloved Buster comics in acid-free bags, you still need to store them in the proper environment. Be sure to pack them away in an acid-free box. Place these comic book boxes in area that does not receive sunlight because the clear bag does not prevent fading due to UV rays. The room temperature should also be dry and cool, with 21 degrees Celsius being an ideal temperature. However, humidity is the biggest concern. Moist air can cause the pages to grow mould, weaken, and bleed ink. In such cases, put a small desiccant pack into each comic bag to help absorb moisture. For severely humid environments, vacuum seal the comic books inside the bags.

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