How to Keep Your Phone Safe with Sock Covers

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How to Keep Your Phone Safe with Sock Covers

A Phone Sock Cover is a simple device to store a mobile phone. Aptly named because of its similarity in look and use to a standard sock, phone sock covers simply slip on to mobiles and smartphones to provide protection and security for the user. Any portable casing which can have a mobile phone slipped easily inside could be considered a mobile phone sock. It can be made of almost any material from tough rigid wood or steel through to wool and cotton. As long as the cover provides some sort of protection or cover to the mobile phone that is simply placed inside, it can be considered a phone sock.

Why Mobile Phone Sock Covers Are So Important

Almost everybody is in possession of a mobile phone. From children through to old age pensioners, there doesn't seem to be a person in the street that doesn't have a handset in a bag, pocket, or simply held in the hand. But as mobile phones are used more and more, these costly handsets are being pulled about and scratched to such an extent that the expense of restoration and repair can often be more than the price of the phone in the first place. Mobile phone socks provide a low cost, easy solution to all the scratches and damage caused to a mobile phone when it is being stored or carried around. Simply by slipping the phone inside when it is not in use, the sock can protect the shell and the screen from keys, loose change, pencils, or other objects that can cause the cosmetic damage that makes a phone look old before its time. In the case of smartphones,, such protection is even more vital. As sensitivity in the screen is essential for the high performance of the touch element of the handset, protection against scratches and damage is required to ensure a long and healthy lifespan for the phone.

Further Advantages of Phone Sock Covers

Though protection will always be the primary reason for buying mobile phone sock covers, there are other benefits too:


There are many times that an individual will not want to be seen carrying a mobile phone, but its presence can still be essential. By using a phone cover that disguises the phone, it is possible to be less attractive to potential thieves who are looking for easy pickings or to avoid the prying eyes of people who frown upon such technology.


Keeping a phone in a sock cover can ensure that it stays cleaner and avoids damp conditions that can harm the hardware. But now sock covers can go even further. Some are even made of high quality cleaning material. This means that every time the phone is deposited into its sock, the shell of the phone comes into contact with the fabric which will give it a little polish. Though one wipe of a mobile phone cleaning sock will not fully polish the phone, if the handset is pulled in and out of its sock many times in the day, then the benefits can soon become apparent.


There are a full range of styles and fashions of phone sock covers which can make any phone stand out in the crowd. This is ideal for the fashion conscious user who wants to put their own stamp on the phone, or is perfect for the dedicated band or football follower who wants to display allegiance at all possible times. Sock covers can incorporate photos and images or sayings, captions and colours. And with so many people making their own sock covers there are no limits to the designs that are possible.

Keeps Accessories Safe

The mobile phone sock can double as a handy storage container for headphones or connecting USB wires. It ensures these small pieces of equipment are to hand whenever they are required and also reduces the chances of them being lost or damaged inside a bigger bag.


A phone cover is also an ideal place to put other little items that need to be carried such as a front door key, small change or even a note or two. But take care, phone socks were created to protect phones from such items that can cause cosmetic damage. Ensure the sock has a divider or separate pocket so that the main benefit of the sock is not overridden by its practicality.


Many companies are now providing mobile phone socks as a form of advertising. Simply by personalising the sock on offer, it is possible to provide a cost efficient and effective promotional tool for businesses of any size.

How to Choose a Mobile Phones Sock Cover

When choosing a mobile phone sock cover, there are many points to consider which will ensure the product in question provides the protection and image required.


When choosing any mobile phone accessory,, the most important thing is to ensure that it fits the phone in question. As most mobile phone socks are quite flexible, it is usually possible to stretch them to fit almost any size of phone. However it is always wise to check the dimensions of the sock before buying to ensure that it is going to fit.


The most popular types of mobile phone sock are made from soft materials that offer a gentle covering to both the screen and the case of the phone. However there are many others that are made from wood, solid plastic or even steel. There are also a range of top end mobile phone socks that are made of precious metals and decorated with diamonds and other such treasures. When choosing a mobile phone sock, balance the need for protection with practicality. A hard case may be sturdier, but it will be more difficult to fit into a pocket or jacket. Furthermore it may provide added protection, but the sock must be a much closer fit for it to be of any use.


The style of a mobile phone sock can be dictated by any fashion or trend. For serious white collar workers, the new One Direction sock may not be the best idea but at nights and weekends it could be perfect. If one style does not fulfil all requirements, why not choose a variety of socks to suit each occasion. It is a fantastic way to adapt a phone in a light hearted and superficial way which can be changed at a moment's notice without any significant expense.


Mobile phone sock covers can be a few pence or a few thousand pounds depending on size and budget. A standard mobile phone sock will cost very little which means it can be changed frequently as trends change or as a new style comes out.


Phone sock covers are a great way to provide personality and individuality to a phone while still offering some level of protection against scratches and bumps. As most cost very little, they can be changed on a regular basis to suit the latest trends and fads without worry. Phone socks are fun, funky, and fresh and, with such a great variety to choose from, can appeal to the owner of almost every mobile phone. They are easy to use and easy to maintain and are now a must have accessory for any mobile phone user.

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