How to Keep Your Vintage Decanter Looking Like New

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How to Keep Your Vintage Decanter Looking Like New

Wine decanters can add a touch of elegance to any table, but it is difficult to maintain them looking like new. There are several methods you can try in order to eliminate the stains inside a vintage wine decanter. Learning more about the required supplies and the methods to clean a wine decanter can help you get excellent results every time.


Supplies Needed for Cleaning a Vintage Decanter

When choosing cleaning supplies, pay attention to the material the decanter is made of. Most vintage decanters are made of glass or crystal, but others may be made of other materials, such as silver. To clean a decanter, you need a cleaning solution. This could be a mixture of white vinegar and water, Polident tablets and water, dish detergent and water, baking soda and water, or simply some lemon juice. You may also need something to scrub the decanter with. This could be some salt, crushed ice, or some small ball bearings. Other required supplies include dish detergent, water, bleach and a bottle brush.


How to Clean a Vintage Decanter

Start by rinsing the decanter to remove any remaining wine. Fill the recipient with lukewarm water and leave it to soak unto you are ready to clean it. Add the cleaning solution of your choice together with the scrubbing component. Mix the solution by swirling the decanter and allow it to settle, preferably for a couple of days. Remember to swirl it from time to time. The solution will loosen the stains from the walls of the vintage decanter. When the recipient appears clean, remove the cleaning solution and clean it with soapy water. If possible, scrub the long neck with a bottlebrush and rinse again. For glass decanters, you may use a mixture of water and a small amount of bleach. Leave the mixture in the decanter for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.


Additional Tips for Keeping a Vintage Decanter Set Looking Like New

Wine decanter beads are another option for cleaning vintage decanter sets. These beads can loosen wine stains and deposits. Some decanters have specific cleaning instructions, so pay attention to them if you still have them. To keep the decanter and glasses look just like new at all times, use a simple scrubber instead of just soapy water every time you clean the recipient, even if there are no major stains visible. Finally, avoid using bleach in a decanter before removing all the stains, as you will end up with discoloured stains on the surface of the glass.

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