How to Know Your Maxfactory BFC Guyver Toys Are MISB

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Hi, I have been selling Maxfactory BFC Guyver Toys for a long while. The guyver toys from this series are packaged in such a way that the toys can be removed from the box and then replaced and there can be no way of really knowing whether your Guyvers are actually MISB as claimed.

So how to tell whether your toys are really MISB and never played with or displayed and really worth the MISB price tag that you paid for?

Firstly, For BFC 01 Guyver 3, he comes with 3 tapes at the top of the box. One one each side of the box and one at the centre. The tapes have Jagged edges where they are torn off. If your tapes are flat at the edge, it means it is cut by scissor and is probably resealed. Also, guyver 3 comes with his tiny blades detached, if yours came with them attached, it means that the person forgot to take them out and replace them in their proper place in the box.

The other 2 figures that come taped are Murakami BFC 03 and Aptom BFC 02.

Guyver 1 and 2 and Guyver 1 w image head come without the tape at the opening of the box. But you should look closely at the groin area. There should be a small plastic transparent piece at the groin area. It is a very small piece which is a part of the packaging and many people when opening the toys, throw this small piece away. If yours is missing this piece , it is very likely that yours is a resealed.

The final way to check is to feel the top of the plastic flap. It should be rather flat. If yours arches upwards a little it means someone has opened it before.

These are easy steps to check for people who opened their toy and reseal them and them sell them at MISB Brand NEW unopened price.

If you intend to open your Guyver figures, to further convince yourself that yours are truely mint and fresh out of the box, there are several ways.

Firstly of course is to check the joints of the toys. That is the most simple and well known method.

Secondly, smell it. Yes, brand new toys have a very distinct fresh plastic smell.

Thirdly, for the case of guyvers, look carefully at the hinge where the mega smasher opens. If yours has been opened before, there will be signs of oxidation on the metal hinge not covered by the mega smasher. If yours is brand new, removing the mega smasher from the hinge will show that the colour of the metal hinge is the same throughout. There can be very very slight oxidation on the exposed part but you will be able to judge.

Finally, check the metal portion of your display stand. Oxidation would have taken place if the person has displayed the toy with the stand before.

Hope the guide helps! 


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