How to LEARN FRENCH successfully with FLASH CARDS

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Flash Cards are a fun way to expand your French Vocabulary

A pack of French Flash Cards may contain from about 20 to 100 or more cards, depending on the subject. You can use them all together, or in smaller batches.

The purpose is to learn French words, or small sentences, by becoming familiar with each card in your pack.

Here are a few tips on using the cards. You may have other ideas of your own to add to this list.

* Keep a batch of Flash Cards in your pocket, and study them whenever you have a few free minutes. Studying French vocabulary in your spare time, will accelerate your learning, even if it is only for brief periods.

* Affix cards wherever you like in your home. For example, hang them from a line on your interior wall like Christmas cards, or pin them to your furniture. Every time you see a card, read it out loud. The new words will soon become second nature.

* Choose a card at random and try to work it into a sentence. Build as many sentences as you can.

eg: the card is POMME, so the sentence could be

La Pomme est Verte

J'aime la Pomme

La Pomme est sur la Table


* Pick any card from a pack and if it turns out to be a word describing an activity, then try to mime it while speaking the word. For example, if the card says ‘manger’, then pretend to eat and say “manger”. Later, when remembering this incident, you may also remember the French word of ‘manger’

* Group your flash cards by level of difficulty. The first pack should be for cards where you already know the words, and you only need these for revision. The second pack will contain cards that you sometimes get right but need a bit more work on them. And the third pack is for the French vocabulary you can never remember.

* Take some French Flash Cards, shuffle them and place them face down on a table. Turn them upwards one by one and translate each card into English. If you have a friend who is also learning French, take turns to turn over each card. Every time you get a card right, you keep it. The winner is the person who has translated correctly the most cards. You should win of course. You could play the game again, but this time using the English cards and translating them into French.

Used frequently, you will soon get to know a lot of French words and phrases, and you will have made a large increase in your knowledge of the French Language.

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