How to Maintain Faux Leather

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Method 1: Maintaining Polyurethane Leather

Dust polyurethane leather weekly with a microfiber cloth. A thick, woven microfiber cloth should attract dust and remove build up.
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Make a soap and warm water solution using a mild liquid detergent. Wipe the fabric gently with a non-abrasive sponge, until all the visible dirt is removed. 

Remove tough stains by spraying with an alcohol-based all-purpose cleaner, like Formula 409. It will have a better chance of removing stains other than food and dirt.
Rinse the faux leather thoroughly using warm water and a clean, non-soapy sponge. Make sure to get in the crevices of furniture or embossed faux leather so that soap suds or dirt do not get lodged in small cracks or folds.
Wipe the surface dry with a lint-free towel.
Soak up stains immediately with a dry cloth. Polyurethane faux leather is water resistant, but it is also a breathable material. Stains can get stuck in the material's pores.
Remove stains, such as ink, lacquer, pencil and crayon with rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol. Dampen a cloth with the alcohol and rub the stain. It may take a few minutes of rubbing to remove the stain.Use rubbing alcohol sparingly, especially on dark colors. Repeated cleaning with alcohol can permanently lighten the area.
Take polyurethane leather clothing to the dry cleaner for serious stains. Dry cleaning detergents work well on this fabric because of its breathability.
Remove smells from polyurethane leather by air drying. Most smells will dissipate with time. Wrap the leather in newspaper and let it sit for 2 to 3 days, if the smell persists.If the smell persists, mix a spray bottle with 2 parts warm water and 1 part distilled white vinegar. Spray an area of the leather and then wipe with a soft cloth to work it into the fabric. Allow it to air dry when you have sprayed and wiped all areas of the item.
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Method 2: Maintaining Vinyl (PVC) Leather

1. Dust vinyl weekly with a microfiber cloth.
2. Mix a warm water and liquid detergent solution. Scrub the surface and the back of the vinyl with a sponge until all visible dirt is removed. Vinyl leather is usually created by putting a PVC layer over a flexible cotton-poly fabric backing. Both sides should be cleaned on garments.
3. Rinse the surface with water. You can spray the water directly onto the vinyl. It is not porous and is very water resistant.
4. Allow the vinyl to drip dry, outside if possible. If you are cleaning a vinyl leather garment, turn it inside out and allow the cotton-poly fabric backing to dry first. After that side dries, turn it right-side out and allow the vinyl to dry.
5. Remove stains using an alcohol-based material, such as rubbing alcohol or hair spray. Wet a cloth with the alcohol and rub until the stain is removed. Rewet it often for stubborn stains.Rinse the area with water thoroughly after you remove the stain. This will remove the leftover alcohol.
6. Polish vinyl leather with a silicone-based spray, such as Armor-all. These sprays are available at car stores, because they are often used to polish PVC upholstery in vehicles.
7. Store vinyl leather separately from other clothing, especially cotton. As it breaks down, it releases ethylene gases that bond to natural fibers over time. Store it in a plastic bag when you are not wearing it.
8.  Never use dry-cleaning solutions on vinyl faux leather. The material will become stiff and uncomfortable.

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