How to Maintain Your Citroen

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How to Maintain Your Citroen

When buying a Citroen, as well as being concerned about the purchase price, drivers also need to consider the cost of ownership, including maintenance. All Citroen owners, especially those that hope to sell the car eventually, should learn how to maintain the vehicle properly. Doing this not only helps to increase the resale value, but also maximises the car's lifespan. By providing the care that the car requires, its reliability is maintained and its handling while driving is preserved. After purchasing the car, it is a good idea for drivers to put together a maintenance schedule that allows them to stay up to date with maintenance tasks.

Maintaining a Citroen helps to reduce problems that would result in expensive, large-scale repair work. Before purchasing components and accessories for a Citroen at retailers such as eBay, drivers should familiarise themselves with the history of the car manufacturer and learn how to maintain both the exterior and internal components of the vehicle properly.

A Brief History of Citroen

Citroen is a major French car manufacturer that produces popular vehicles. It was founded in 1919 by Andre-Gustave Citroen. The company created a sales and services network that directly corresponded to the manufacturer. It was the first car company based outside of the United States to introduce the mass production of vehicles. Within a decade of its establishment, Citroen grew until it became Europe's largest car manufacturer.

Exterior Citroen Components

After spending a significant sum of money on a Citroen, it is essential to maintain the car in order to preserve its value and maximise its lifespan. Citroens have thousands of spare parts that work in conjunction to keep the car functioning as intended. However, when one of these parts starts to malfunction, the entire car may be affected. Therefore, maintaining the exterior of the Citroen is vital for driver and car safety. Checking the tyres, windscreen wipers, and windows regularly can help to keep the Citroen in proper working order.


Drivers should check their tyre pressure at least once a month with a tyre pressure gauge. The device used should match the recommended setting from the manufacturer. This setting differs slightly depending on the model of the Citroen, so it is best to consult the owner's manual or to refer to the tyre pressure notice that is often found on the door frame on the driver's side, inside the petrol cap, or inside the glove compartment. The correct tyre pressure can help to prolong the Citroen's life span, increase its level of safety, and help to save petrol. If the tyres are not inflated properly, this can lead to more serious problems, such as premature tyre replacement or blowouts.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Newer models of Citroen are sold with a built-in tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which automatically tracks the pressure and temperature of the tyres and warns drivers of any potential problems. This system eliminates the need to check tyre pressure manually and lowers the level of wear.

Tread Wear

Drivers should check the tread wear of their tyres periodically to ensure it is above the safe limit. When the tread falls below this limit, it compromises the safety of the Citroen and the tyres should be replaced. Uneven tyre wear can also be unsafe and lead to alignment issues. Irregular tyre alignment can result in poor vehicle handling, and increase the wear and tear of the tyres and suspension.

Front vs. Rear Tyres

Front and rear tyres wear at different rates and have differing wear patterns. This means that, drivers should rotate their tyres periodically to ensure an even tread, which extends the lifespan of the tyres.

Windscreen Wipers

Drivers should replace worn windscreen wiper blades in order to safeguard the car against accidents that may occur as a result of an obstructed view while driving. A good indication that the blades are worn is that they do not clean the windscreen properly. Although replacing windscreen wiper blades is a simple task, maintaining them can also go a long way to preserving them. It is best to replace the blades yearly, before the start of a rainy period. In some cases, drivers may also need to replace the entire windscreen wiper assembly. Drivers should also check that the windscreen washer jets are working properly.


Window maintenance is a vital component of a Citroen maintenance schedule. All of the windows, mirrors, and lights should be kept clean so as not to hinder the driver's view. If any glass components are broken or cracked, whether due to a break-in, accident, or flying road debris, they should be replaced in a timely manner. If not cared for properly, any small areas of damage can grow into large cracks that present a major obstruction or even cause the glass to shatter. To help to keep a window and other glass components free of damage, Citroen owners should maintain a safe distance when driving behind other vehicles and check for any small areas of damage on both the outside and inside of the windows.

Internal Citroen Components

Internal Citroen components, including oil, fluids, and the battery should be maintained properly. When inspecting these, drivers should make check that the levels of each of them match the manufacturer's recommendation.


Drivers should change the oil in their Citroen every 3,000 to 3,500 miles in order to maximise engine reliability and efficiency; driving with low oil levels can lead to engine problems. Drivers may choose to have this process done professionally or may do it themselves at home. The do-it-yourself route is often the more cost effective option.

There are two types of oils designed for cars: mineral and synthetic. Choosing the most appropriate type is ultimately based on which leads to better performance of the car, as each type of oil has its own set of advantages.


Mineral oil is thought to be more reliable than synthetic oil. It is also more viscous, making it better able to protect the engine. A disadvantage is that mineral oil does not operate well in extreme temperatures and contains contaminants that can lead to build-up in the engine. Despite these setbacks, mineral oil is often preferred for its affordability.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is better able to withstand adverse engine temperatures. It also flows through the engine more easily and at a quicker rate when the car is starting up. However, because of its thin consistency, the oil pressure within the engine is decreased and may leave sections without sufficient lubrication. Some synthetic oils keep the engine cleaner and improve its performance. Synthetic oil is more expensive than its mineral counterpart.


In addition to the oil levels, drivers should check the Citroen's fluid levels periodically. These fluids include power steering, transmission, windshield washer, and brake fluids, as well as coolant. Drivers should refer to their owner's manual for a full listing of when each fluid should be checked. Maintaining the fluid levels helps to protect the car against breakdowns and mechanical damage.


The car battery should be inspected visually periodically for signs of leaks, cracks, or corrosion. Corrosion, especially at the battery terminals, can cause a poor connection and result in the car's inability to start. Drivers should also ensure that the battery terminals are secure. If the battery is showing signs of damage, it should be replaced.

Buying Components and Accessories to Maintain Your Citroen on eBay

Drivers that would like to purchase components and accessories to maintain their Citroen on eBay can start by going to the eBay home page.. From there, you can enter any related key terms into the search bar such as "car battery&" or "Citroen car tyres&". For more precise results, eBay offers an advanced search feature to help you to select a price range. This allows you to determine which sellers are offering the best deal on the Citroen components and accessories that you are interested in buying. You can always ask to see a photograph of the item if one is not readily available in the listing. This is best accomplished by using the "Ask a question" link.

Know the Seller

Before purchasing components and accessories to maintain you Citroen, you should get to know the seller.. Check to see if other customers have left positive feedback on the seller's profile. Positive feedback indicates that seller has proved that he or she offers good customer service and high quality products. You can also look for listings from Top-rated sellers.. These sellers are known by the eBay community for providing the highest levels of reliability.


A properly maintained Citroen not only runs smoothly and provides better fuel efficiency, it also looks more aesthetically pleasing. The best way to avoid costly repairs and to get the best deal when reselling the car is to have a regular maintenance schedule. When replacing the Citroen's oil or checking the tyre pressure, drivers must familiarise themselves with the car manufacturer's recommended settings. This information is readily available in the owner's manual, which may also contain step-by-step instructions. Many maintenance tasks, such as checking the windscreen for damage, not only ensure the proper functioning of the car, they also ensure the safety of the driver.

Before making a purchase, read the item description carefully and check the feedback score of the seller to ensure that he or she provides excellent products and customer service. eBay sellers offers a wide array of components and accessories designed to fit the needs of a Citroen and the budget of any driver.

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