How to Maintain Your Pixma Printer

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How to Maintain Your Pixma Printer

Your Canon PIXMA printer is possibly one tool you cannot live without. It keeps your home office operational while also allowing you to print your favourite photos to put on the fridge or hang on the walls. However, like any electronic device, a PIXMA printer is not invincible and requires maintenance to ensure its longevity and get the most use out of it.


Clean the Printer Heads

When the printer leaves white lines across a page or blank spots, it is time to clean the printer head. Most Canon models have a cleaning mode that does the work for you. However, that cleaning mode may not do the job if the heads clog. To clean clogged heads, open the maintenance compartment with the ink cartridges. Pull up the frame that holds the cartridges and pull the heads out from underneath the cartridges. Take the printer heads to the sink and run hot water over them while slowly rotating. Continue to do this until the water runs clear. Dry the printer heads with a clean rag and put them back in place.


Clean and Dust the Printer

Heat is the worst enemy of electronics. It fries the components and causes permanent damage. Dust accumulation acts like a layer of insulation that traps the heat. Consistently wipe down the printer's exterior to get rid of the dust. Dust and debris often get inside PIXMA printers, as well. Do not use any water or cleaning agents in the interior of the printer. Instead, use pressurized air to blow all the dust out. Placing a dust cover over the device when it is not in use reduces the need to clean it frequently.


Store the Printer in a Vented Area

The printer generates heat it must expel. Many Canon printers have built-in fans to keep the components cool as well as vents to promote air flow. Be sure the printer is in a location where the hot air can escape. Placing a printer against a wall or in a corner traps the hot air in the area and causes the printer to overheat.


Be Gentle with the Printer

It is frustrating when paper jams inside a printer, but resist the urge to yank it out. Instead, tug gently to try to remove the paper. If it does not come out, open the printer and gently pull the paper free from the rollers.

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